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RE: Steem Monsters Voice Actor Casting!!!

in #steemmonsters3 years ago

Lol! I'm The Spirit of the Forest...

Checks out. 😎

I already know me so well.

Also, I gots the goods for recording.

Let the audio recordings begin!!


It is my favourite, you legendary thing

It's official...

hahahah Carrie, that's EPIC
I mean... legendary LOL

Bwhahahah! I spent too much time making that. I mean... less than 20 minutes, but still. LOL! It was quite rewarding to finish. I'm funny. 🤣

sure you have nice b... (I didn't type it) hahhaha :)
green is my favourite colour :) so :) congrats!

Hahaha but I did not say it, thought, but did not say lol

lol that's glorious Carrie

Hi there Spirit! I'm Selenia.... Nice to meet you!!! Hehehhehe

Yay! I'm stoked you got Selenia!

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