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RE: STEEM MONSTERS $1,000 Game Jam Invitational!!! In collaboration with @utopian-io, @steemgg, and @blocktrades!

“Weary is the flesh upon the stakes which yet hold sway against an onslaught of perpetual. Frailty encompasses as a swarm stings, ten upon ten into the hundreads. This place, once pastures and ponds, feeding the peace and pleasentry, is besieged. Lascivious creations of all a fowl manner spew forth from the sky, from the bowels of mantles even unto the unseen darkness of dark folds unraveling. Madnesses lays rest to civility as the monsters march upon every monument of sanctuary held dear. Conflict is inescapable, who amongst the stemmians will crawl from the depths of slumber to battle STEEMMONSTERS!?!?!?!?”



Also I like tacos

I agree there delicious

I told you it wasn’t interesting. Lame story

I mean it isn’t great, but it’s not that bad. Just buried at the bottom of comments.

So how many people are on this thread, I’m confused.?

I don’t know how many, which one are you?

Me? I’m number two, your insulting benevolence.