Earn Splintertalk Points and Steem on the Splinterlands Forum!

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Start Earning Splintertalk Points AND Steem!

Did you know that on top of earning Steem by commenting and posting on the SteemMonsters Forum, you can earn Splintertalk tokens(SPT)? That's right, TokenBB has integrated with Steem-Engine!

Join the Splinterlands Community Forum here: http://forum.splinterlands.io/


I'm still confused what the purpose of the Splinterlandstalks.io site and the Forum is? If I use the Tags for both communities than both sites will become over time kind of the same???
Anyways exciting to see all those new possibilities!

Please clarify. There is no splinterlandstalks.io that I can find. forum.splinterlands.io is the billboard discussion website for SteemMonsters. The only posts that appears there are the one posted via the forum and doesn't show up on other front-ends. TokenBB is used by communities so that their content doesn't get mixed up with unrelated topics like it is on steemit.com or busy.org

I mean this site https://www.splintertalk.io
Ok, good to hear that the forum posts and comments don't show up on other Frontends thats why I was hesitating to use it, now it makes sense to me, thanks.

Great community glad to be a part of it and posting and learning more about how to play my cards.

first let me join Splinterlands Forum Community to earn SPT then i will share my experience ....

please do :-)

i joined it but this is different by using some time i will be able to work on Splinterlands Forum..

Awesome. I check it out later today

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I just joined the forum and ready to earn!

This animation blew my mind.

Also on splintertalk.io

Use "spt" tags on your post to get SPT for payouts

Love splinterlands and all the innovation from the steem-engine team. It's just a pity that they didn't integrate DEC as the currency instead as there might be a few two many tokens floating around soon. It would be brilliant if you could earn DEC from being active in the community and then spend them in the game.

I still have to look into this properly but there has been some great work done and tokenBB is adding to it.

Awesome! I shall try it right now 😁

Great to see so many frontends aka communities start - so we need no SMTs anymore?

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