First Post on Splintertalk and A Question to the Community


Hey SteemMonsters Fans!

When SM first came out, I've put down quite a bit of crypto into the alpha decks and got myself a nice collection of gold foil cards and maxed out every regular alpha. Then life happened, got busy with the new baby and TokenBB and didn't play for a bit.

After listening to @exyle, I realized that my ALPHA and GOLD FOIL were racking up extra dark energy crystal so I decided to dust my old deck and get back at playing SM...


This game got so much better since the last time I played and it's taunting me to by all the current gold foil alpha on the's very tempting, I won't lie. So in just 2 days I got to Bronze I and I hope I can get up there in the major league before the end of this season. VS

So, I came across this question on the splintertalk forum this morning:

Which do you prefer: Splintertalk or the forum?

My 2 cents on this is that...I LOVE both! It makes so much sense to be able to have both a blogging platform and a discussion board for the game. I mean, this is why, after 20 years of the internet, we still have blogs and forums since they both fill very different needs.

Splintertalk is great for when one wants to write a long post like I'm doing now that is commenting or talking about a specific topic in depth or trying to get the attention of the whole community by ranking at the top of the "trending" section.

The SM Forum is a completely different animal where the last thread to have a comment on is the one making it to the top of the category. This makes from great engaging discussion that can go on for months.

My Question to You

Which one do you prefer using? or the SM Forum?


I like the forum better because it is more suitable for dialogue. The nitrous instance of is also cool but more for proper posts. Actually, this topic might have been better in the forum, for a long-term conversation. This post here will be quickly hidden in our feed and difficult to be find. In the forum it will be relatively easy.

Hahaha my topic!

I love the concept of all things decentralized. However, what is the longevity of a steem based forum? I keep trying to think where all the decentralized data goes. Is the data compressed in some way or will future witnesses need quadrillion byte hard drives and unimaginable bandwidth.

right now with MIRA it's much better than it used to be. The database only keeps text...there is no audia or video on the blockchain.

Thanks for your reply.

Audio and video are stored on IPFS? Who manages that data? Any links with a five grade level walk through?


By the way as a thank you for engagement I have paid for a $0.5 sbd upvote on your post:
You got an upgoat for permlink: first-post-on-splintertalk-and-a-question-to-the-community that will be done by cryptomancer. We refund an open value of 0.001 SBD! Request-Id: 1617290 and other are using IPFS or centralized means depending on their models. IPFS is not the best solution so far and some front end mostly use Steem for the upvoting capabilities. It all depends on different applications models.

To be honest this was confusing me for a while "Why do we have 2 interfaces for this new #SPT token". But now I think it's even better. Everyone can use what suits him better. For articles better in my opinion is splintertalk, for questions or discussion forum.

I only recently heard of SM forum after stumbling across a BB token post. I have yet to post on it so I don't want to be biased. But I feel like a forum would be better than having another blogging platform for the game, not that they cannot work together, I'm sure we will combine them in various ways. A steemian always does, don't they?

It seems to me that conversations look better on the forum (hierarchy etc), but articles without much needed replies -

Splintertalk has the look and feel of steemit so it is more familiar to use. The forum is slow (loading and responsiveness) so it is not really user friendly to me. And it does not show up nicely on mobile, which I am using most of the time to browse contents on the blockchain.

Contents on the forum has more permanency therefore I will usually post questions on the forum as it stays visible for a longer period and hopefully gets responses from readers. Splintertalk, like steemit, contents usually just last for one day before it gets bump down to the black hole.

So I think both serve different purpose.

i prefer splintertalk coz i think SM forum will be less crowded and i love the crowded forum.

thanks for sharing this... it is going to help me in future 👍👍
thanks @crytoctopus

Posted using Partiko Android is much better IMO. It's basically just Steemit+ and I already love Steemit.

I like both, but am pretty excited about the forum... even though it's not really something I'm used to.

I like that it doesn't feel like I have to have whole formatted post (but I still can) and I can get rewarded for my interactions.

Welcome back!

I'm one of the Lore Masters, along with my sweet hubs @chrisroberts. Check out our new official site all about the lore. It's still updating and soon to be connected here... somehow... LOL! I don't know how that magic works completely...

best CS in my life :D - fast response --- ::::*

I think we should look at the forum more often. We need more there. I use both options. Nice to see you back. Good luck!

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brief discussions.....nice... 👍👍

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