50 STEEM MONSTERS PACKS UP FOR GRABS (2 contests+ 1 raffle to fund charity)

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Hey guys! I recently purchased 110 packs when packs were on sale yesterday (due to broken CMC SBD prices), and since I've sold enough to break even + opened a few, I'll be giving away 40 packs + 10 I got from @aggroed for writing this article for @steemmonsers!

Note: ALL PRIZES WILL BE DECIDED AND HANDED OUT IN 3 WEEKS TIME! This is due to my exams being on right now, thus not much time for Steemit.

The two contests

In my opinion, there are wayyy too many contests and giveaways for lore/art, so I decided to fix it up a bit!
All details about the specific entry criteria are below.

  • (10 packs) Write a short Steemit article about why you love Steem Monsters
  • (15 packs) Write a short Steemit article about Steem Monsters, aimed at a Reddit audience

The raffle

All details about the specific entry criteria are below.

  • (25 packs) To support the Venezuelan economic crisis

(10 packs) Write a short Steemit article about why you love Steem Monsters

Very open-ended, very simple! Just tell me why you are excited about the game. If this is too open-ended for your liking, some topics you COULD talk about include tournaments, art, lore, trading, the community, anything really!

This contest will be heavily biased towards accounts with LOW amounts of Steem Monsters cards, I will be using a tool to stalk your cards :)

The requirements are as follows:

  • use #cecontests as a tag
  • provide a link to this article in your article
  • title must start with [Contest 1], e.g [Contest 1] Why I love Steem Monsters
  • suggested word limit around 200-300 words, slightly over is fine but I won't be reading an essay
  • reminder: heavy bias towards minnows who can't afford many packs

The prizes are as follows:

  • 1st prize: 5 packs
  • 2nd prize: 3 packs
  • 3rd price: 2 packs

(15 packs) Write a Steemit article about Steem Monsters aimed at a Reddit audience!

This will be the bigger contest! Basically, I want you to think about a way to attract new Steem Monster players, if this was to be posted on Reddit! Feel free to share your submission onto Reddit, anything starts trending, it will get some bonus recognition (in terms of prizes), but please check to see if there are already many SM posts, we don't wanna spam Reddit!!

The requirements are as follows:

  • use #cecontests as a tag
  • provide a link to this article in your article
  • title must start with [Contest 2], e.g [Contest 2] Steem Monsters Intro
  • suggested word limit around 200-500 words

Raffle (25 packs)

This raffle's primary cause will be helping those in Venezuela. I have created a new account @crypto.charity which will now be my dedicated account for ALL my charity work! I will write an article on another day with more information about this raffle, but for now, I'll just post some information about the prizes, how to enter and how the funds will be distributed :D

Also, my friend @reinaldoverdu is currently working on an article talking about his life in Venezuela as we speak, he'll be posting about his surroundings, the struggles him and the surrounding people face, while also introducing the brighter side of things like his family! I'll make a post about that when he's done :)


  • First: 12 packs
  • Second: 6 packs
  • Third: 4 packs
  • Fourth: 2 packs
  • Fifth: 1 pack

How to Enter

Send Steem (SBD will be converted into Steem) to @crypto.charity with a memo of how many tickets you wish to purchase! Each 0.1 Steem or 0.14 SBD will count as 1 entry ticket rounding down. At the end of 3 weeks, I'll calculate the total amount of Steem earned, generate numbers from random.org to find the winner! I'll post out more details in the upcoming days!

Fund Distribution

Honestly not too sure yet, but I can assure you all of it will be used in a transparent way that will benefit someone living in Venezuela! I'll provide more details about this in the coming days/weeks!


I normally don't ask for this, but I would greatly appreciate an upvote or even better a resteem, thanks guys!
Edit: I'm off to sleep now, I'll endeavour to reply to comments in the morning :)

woah, that was fast! I'll check it out :)

Happy to upvote and share your post @cryptoeater, thanks for spreading the love on Steemit! Good luck to the future winners! :D

Thanks for your continued support throughout the night ;)

Unfirtunately I cant join the contest as I still cant grasp tge idea of steem monsters card packs, but I will resteem it! Good luck to everyone joining!!

This looks really interesting and exciting.
Need to learn more about it.
Then I will try.

Best wishes for your project

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Feels like I'm missing on something good.
How can I start playing this game

Feels like I'm missing
On something good. How can I
Start playing this game

                 - rjunaid12

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I would love to participate for the third contest as well, just have to earn some sbd first. Until then, I'll follow @crypto.charity and @reinaldoverdu. Looking forward to his article!

I like the way you move here on the Steem blockchain. Keep on building the community, and lets get this Steem price to $100! I had no clue you were so young. Thanks for all the trades. Just followed.

I did participate in the very first contest of yours.

Here is the link: