Expected Value of Steem Monsters Daily Quests [13]

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Hey guys! With delegations just coming out on Peakmonsters, check out how much you can expect to make with those fresh new cards!

Price History

Below is a graph of the price history. It'll look more like a graph as more info is added!

How it Was Calculated

Before calculating, I had to use the assumption that you can sell your card at the lowest price per BCX. The drop rates used were from @yabapmatt so we know that it's accurate.

Firstly, I calculated the average cost of cards per rarity, then I multiplied it by the chance of it being opened. I added these up for all the rarities and then we have the expected value of each reward card earned. After that, I just had to simply multiply that value by how many cards you earn from each rank!

Today's Data

The data is sorted in rarity, from lowest to highest. Then the average value of each rarity is calculated, which is multiplied by its chance to drop. This is all then added together to form the expected value of each reward card.

Today's Average Value: $0.0698

Expected Value of Each Rank

  • Note: this is assuming you stay at the same rank for the whole season, each season has 14 days and you complete all daily quests in the 14 days. Therefore, this estimate is quite high and realistically you aren't going to earn this much.

Price History

  • 04/02: $0.0941
  • 07/02: $0.1051
  • 11/02: $0.0939
  • 17/02: $0.0699
  • 11/03: $0.0906
  • 16/03: $0.0874
  • 19/03: $0.0842
  • 21/03: $0.0884
  • 23/03: $0.0883
  • 31/03: $0.1018
  • 22/04: $0.0698

Useful analysis. Why are values dropping while Steem Monsters overall market cap is up?

I assume the overall increase is because there is more and more cards in circulation as more packs are being opened and more reward cards are being produced. However, each individual card is actually dropping in value.

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Thanks, really useful info. Much appreciated! Since you start in diamond 2 if you reached champ 1 in a new season, realistically the max you can probably get is around 27,50 dollars per season? If you take the average of 15 and 40 dollars?

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