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Hey guys! It's been quite a while since my last post but since then I swear I have been doing many important things, like gambling a lot on KryptoGamers and buying too many Steem Monsters cards :)

To integrate both of my obsessions into one, I've decided to launch a KryptoGamers tournament on Steem Monsters! The first tournament will have a prizepool of 250,000 GAMER Tokens, worth 250 STEEM on Steem Engine out of my own pocket. However, the main goal is to get @kryptogames to sponsor the rest of the tournaments I have planned which will have a total of 10 million tokens (from the "promotion" pool) valued at 10,000 STEEM! However, that will depend on how this one goes.

A little bit about KryptoGamers

They're the only platform on Steem to offer dice, blackjack and video poker! Whilst playing these games, you can also opt in to buy a ticket for 0.1 STEEM that gives you a 1 in 100,000 chance to win 10,000 STEEM


Furthermore, they've recently enabled memo bets so those of you who run scripts, KryptoGamers is now bot friendly! For those without a script, there's also an "auto bet" feature, which isn't fully automated but it reduced betting to simply one click at the same area of your screen every few seconds by using Steem Keychain. However, you can automate this by simply installing an auto clicker.

Introducing the new leaderboard feature

Although leaderboards aren't anything revolutionary, it is something new to the platform! For 10 days (only 9 days left), you can earn a share in 3 million tokens per day. Once this trial period is over, they will implement another version of the leaderboard which will be somewhat more permanent, but still subject to changes.

Features of GAMER Tokens


  • 10 billion total supply
  • Currently 25 tokens per STEEM wagered
  • Halves every 10% distributed
  • Earn 1 token daily per SP delegated
  • 10% to team which is locked for 1 year
  • 10% for development
  • 5% for operations and upkeep
  • 5% reserved, usage will depend on demand
  • 10% to the community through promos
  • 60% to the community through playing
    However, the most promising and my personal favourite part of the GAMER token is their buyback/burning initiative. This will incentivise players to hold their tokens until burning gets implemented. This will concentrate the tokens into a smaller amount, thus increasing the value of each token


  • 70% of the house edge is distributed to the circulating tokens
  • 5% of the house edge is reserved and will be used for token buy backs
    Dividends started getting distributed around 2 weeks ago, and since then I've claimed over 2,000 STEEM and over 14,000 has been given out in total! Hopefully, the daily dividends will keep rising as more and more people discover this website!

How to earn GAMER Tokens

You may earn tokens by simply playing the games, or you can buy them from Steem Engine. If you're interested in buying some tokens in bulk, feel free to contact me on Discord @cryptoeater#5209. I'm currently planning on selling around 10-20% of my holdings to spread out the token distribution and to recover some of the money I spent mining these tokens.

Don't gamble more than you can afford to lose

I'd like to finish off by saying that do NOT gamble more than you can afford to lose! Gambling is risky and very high variance. I remember some days mining over 10 million tokens and being in profit whilst one particularly bad day being down around 1,200 STEEM after mining a mere ~300,000 tokens. If you're just in it to farm tokens, I highly suggest hundreds of small bets. There's much lower variance if you spread your bets out over many smaller bets, but is a lot more time consuming if you're doing it manually.

I highly suggest powering up a small portion of your winnings so you can't be tempted to throw it all back in!!

Link to tourney


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The creation of the tournament will be slightly delayed due to this error

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Nice, I'm looking forward to the that Tournament. Krypto Gamers does really host a great platform, but I don't have any luck on this gambling site.

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