Steem Monsters Raffle Time! Lord Of Darkness Legendary!!

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It's raffle time!

Did you miss your opportunity last time? Don't worry! I'm super addicted to buying steem monsters so this probably won't be your last chance!

This raffle is for 1 Lord of Darkness - Legendary Steem Monster.

To enter for this raffle drawing send 0.150 STEEM per ticket to @crystalhuman with the memo "Raffle"

(For 3 tickets send 0.450 - For 5 tickets send 0.750 STEEM, etc.) Each 0.150 STEEM sent will add your name to the wheel (x1)

if there are less than 20 entries, this raffle will be cancelled and the entries will be refunded.

Contestants will have their names entered into a random name picker

Winner will be chosen live on DLive, Friday at noon EST (7/27/2018)

Bonus Rare Card Giveaway for anyone who upvotes and resteems this post.

If you upvoted and resteemed, be sure to let me know in the comments so I can send you your rare steem monster! :)

The last lucky raffle winner was @steamdan who landed himself a Selenia Sky Legendary Dragon! You can see the results HERE

Good Luck!



Entries 38

@davemccoy - 1 entry
@gregory-f - 5 entries
@philippekiene - 6 entries
@cryptkeeper17 - 2 entries
@ironshield - 1 entry
@steamdan - 9 entries
@karenmckersie - 2 entries
@iabuse - 1 entry
@lizgg - 1 entry
@shoganaii - 10 entries

bonus entry winner will be selected before raffle drawing

Upvoted & resteemed! 😀

Thank you @onefatindian!


Enjoy your Haunted Spirit! :)

@crystalhuman - you rock!!
Thanks for sending this.
It's one of the many rares I don't have!

Resteemed, upvoted and I bought 6 tickets... I've been wanting this card since day dot. 🤞
Congratulations for winning the Selena @steamdan.

@philippekiene Thanks!


Enjoy your new Orc buddy! :D

Resteemed and Upvoted. Thank you :)

Thanks @poyim! :D


Here's your new Water Elemental :)

Nice!!! Thank you @crystalhuman

My pleasure :)

I'm in for one! Resteemed. @ironshield

Thanks @ironshield!

Cha-ching! You got a Malric Inferno!!

Love the concept, upvoted resteemed--steem is on the way!

Thank you @cryptkeeper17!


Here's your new Medusa! :D

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Upvoted Resteemed and got a ticket wish me luck ! :D

Thanks again @iabuse! :)


Enjoy your new Ogre! :)

Entered, upvoted and resteemed!

Thanks @gregory-f!


Entry accepted! Here's your new Jester!

Upvoted and Resteemed +1 ticket

Thank you @lizgg!


Score! You got one of my favorites. Lyanna Natura!

Haha great contest @crystalhuman , I really need to build up my monster cards before the tournaments start check out my comment on your newest contest where I am hoping to enter on Saturday to win those awesome Gold Monster Cards ! Woot! Im Sooooo addicted!👾👺👹👍
I will Be able to buy 2 tickets though for this one! sending the money now! thanks and good luck everyone!👺👾👹upped and resteemed!

Thanks again @karenmckersie! :)


Here's one more for your collection :D (I really love this one in particular)

Haha me too! thanks a bunch I just finished opening and commenting on the other contest lol! Its awesome!👾👺👹👍✌💕

Happy to see so many people enjoying my raffles and giveaways :) Thanks for participating :D

My first time participating and I am having so much fun entering as many contests as possible since joining the Monsters 7 days ago! Lol!💕👍👹😂

It's pretty addictive isn't it? lol

Haha ! totally! just wishing now for more steem to get more cards lol!😂😂😂✌

@steamdan Thank you very much! For being the one who tipped it over 20 entries AND having the MOST entries.


I sent you 2 Peacebringers :D Enjoy!

Thank You! Many have their own way of running things, but damn, you're at the top of the game haha, maybe we're not as wealthy but we are definitely having fun and sharing it as well. Again thanks for taking into consideration the sharing part, it means a lot to me, and that's a great plus for me wanting to support and participate of course! Have a great weekend everybody and Good Luck!!

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3 msgs but no smartcash, might wanna fix your bot buddy ;)

Nice... I will upvote and do a pick... sending to you right now :D

A very original and creative contest I love

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