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RE: Steem Monsters alpha release! A collectible trading card game with RPG elements comes alive on the Steem Blockchain!

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Any whales around? Beware of my CRUSTACEAN KING and SABRE SHARK, they will take a bite out of you!


my witch will take you easily!

now you truly dosent stand a chane!

Ha, my "Fire Serpent" will melt your little pets to ashes.

You don't stand a chance.

Bow before my might.

My water elemental will put out your fire!

Ha you think water can beat fire.

However my "Fire Serpent" can evaporate your entire "Water Elemental".

My Legendary ANGEL OF LIGHT thinks you should all just relax and have a foot massage x o x o
Angel of Light.png

Steem Monsters! First Look Video!

Click the Image to View!

Artakush grabs his sword in the bush, and raises it up!

Isn't Sabre Shark the name of a YouTuber? 🤔 I think my nephew talks about him sometimes. Like one of those minecraft letsplayers or something lol

There isn't one with that exact name.

There is also a similary Yu-Gi-Oh! card: Saber Shark

Aw, dang XD Do you think it's a reference to the Yu-Gi-Oh card?? Or maybe a coincidence.

Hmm... I don't recognize those two, so I wonder who I was thinking of. Saber... Saber... Shark... Spark?? Maybe it was Saber Spark lol XD Idk, I might ask my nephew later lol

There are more references to other Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Here's another comparison from my Comment.

how and what is it?

How do I get that?

You have to buy card packs, they give you random cards, if you're lucky you'll get it.




se ve entretenido .

best games!!

@drakos you should end your message with ....Fear will find you :) lol


#meme photo taken at at Scripps #aquarium

hey @drakos vote me

whats that

Nice one.... The graphics was great

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