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RE: Steem Monsters Voice Actor Casting!!!

in #steemmonsters3 years ago

ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to participate!!!!! :)

Thanks @steemmonsters :) so looking forward to this! (thank you @littlescribe and @coruscate for letting me first read @beeyou's awesome story!!!!)


Congrats on the Selenia role @dreemsteem. You read my story beautifully and I’m happy you landed her role. The official story should be way more awesome. Go get them!

Congratulations to everyone!!

They have big shoes to fill as far as I'm concerned hehhehehee 😉😘

But thanks! And I sent you a DM! hehehee please let me know!!! Lol

I haven't had a chance to check discord, but I will try to get on tonight. On vacation . :)

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