Splinterlands Steem Monsters Dark Energy Crystals Short Fan Fiction

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Written just prior to DEC lore release, I hope this doesnt offend anyone associated with Steem Monsters, as I've diverged quite a bit from the official story, but here is some short fan fiction I wrote regarding Dark Energy Crystals. Thanks!

Dark Energy Crystals Origins

At first, they were just rumors from the Dark Waters. Bands of crustaceans migrating to shallower water from their kelp fields with secondhand accounts of mysterious stones requiring often fatal risk to aquire. For the islanders of ΛZMΛRÉ, stories of this nature were common, as their islands were a barrier between the known and unknown of the Dark Waters. The rumors strengthened, however, with the noticeable increase in smuggling pirate cutters slipping through the island chain at night. They passed so close glimpses of their covered lanterns could be seen from shore, but they did not spare the time to raid for supplies. Some islanders said skeletons were seen aboard, having commandeered the pirate craft through gold or threat.

As unease among the islanders intensified, the elders called together the local council. The morning of the meeting, three galleons appeared on the horizon bearing flags of the Silver Shield. A paladin with well-worn armor, common among those on the front lines, led the advance guard. Invited to the council, he spoke of their mission.

"Crystals formed in the fissures of the ocean floor are being mined despite the perilous conditions," the paladin told the elders. "A very rare handful of these crystals were uniquely affected by the intense heat and pressure of the submarine volcanoes. They possess an energy not seen since the uprising of the dark mage. Dark forces bearing the symbol of the dead have already gathered many of these crystals."

The paladin removed a stone of black glass from his leather pouch. As he held it up for the elders, it pulsed a dark purple light. "We assume the forces of death are close to unlocking this energy," he said. "Though to what end, we do not yet know. The Silver Shield have already allied with many in Anumün to brace against this evil use of energy, and ask those of the ΛZMΛRÉ to join us in this fight. Spread the word to the Naga and Elementals. We must set aside our past disputes and rally before it is too late!"

To be continued...