Splinterlands New Bronze Player Delegation Pack

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Since joining Splinterlands in May, I have been trying to encourage new players to stick around, survive the brutal Bronze bot toil, and fall in love with this addicting and possibly profitable game. All games have turnover, but given the additional barriers for entry to crypto based games, I think it is extremely important to retain players who do find their way to Splinterlands and limit burn out / inactive accounts.

My first week playing Splinterlands was pretty rough in Bronze league. Constantly losing to Life bots only to receive one Goblin Mech as a reward card would make most new players want to rage quit. Fortunately, I had participated in the Tron Sesameseed promotion, so I needed to wait around for those cards. I tried to learn tactics, I tried to buy helpful cards, but I kept losing to bots. I spent $30 on a Valnamor not fully understanding leveling cards, but hoping it would help me against the bots. I stuck with the game, and by the time the promo cards hit, I had the basics down, and was committed. But I came very very close to quitting.

Since then I have tried to identify new Bronze level players who are at the edge of quitting due to the bots and delegate them a handful of cards to make it at least to Silver. They don't yet know where their money would be best spent to get to Silver. As they compare long losing streaks and single reward card payoffs, they get frustrated. About 50% of these players I have helped have still ended up quitting, but recently there have been a few successes with my delegations. @Shyaren did not need hardly any assistance before he was renting a max splinter and jumping into Champion II. @DY recently pulled a Gold Foil Legendary Red Dragon from a single promo reward card redemption!! Others are making it into Silver where hopefully they will pull some valuable cards they can retain or flip into a better base set. After a season or two I see if they are still active, if they are building their own deck, and decide if I should move the cards on to another new Bronze player. There are definitely several players doing this and helping through delegations, and probably delegating far more than me, so this is not an original idea.

My proposal is that I would like to delegate multiple Water splinters each season to new Bronze players who leave a comment here and say how they found Splinterlands and list their Splinterlands game name. Right now I have a handful of available Valnamors, Ruler of the Seas, and several other cards that combined, should give new struggling players a chance against the bots. These are just delegations and not give aways. After a season or two, they will be moved to a new batch of players. Hopefully everyone realizes the value in retaining new players and does not apply for delegations with bot accounts... I'm choosing Water as I have several Ruler of the Seas that I believe are effective against Life bots.

Additionally, any established player with extra cards reading this is welcome to add their own delegations to those who comment below. Appreciate any support shown to new players and let me know if you have any suggestions.

I can't promise that everyone who leaves a request below will get a delegation, as I only have a few available sets that are not already delegated, but if you're patient, I will keep checking the list when my cards become available. All I ask is that you try to help new players in return once you are more established. Also, share this post with new players in discord and telegram, so we can identify them.

  1. Be new and in Bronze or low Silver (and not an alt or bot)
  2. Leave your game name
  3. Say how you found Splinterlands
  4. Wait and hope I have some available cards to delegate
  5. Win and get to Silver!

Also if you're new and struggling to build a deck by grinding, check out ottermakers heron service in discord. There is a waiting list, but it is a no cost option of playing some higher level decks with shared earning DEC.

Thank you and best of luck in Splinterlands!

One additional note: I have strong sympathies for anyone also trying to make it in Venezuela or Hong Kong right now, so reach out even if you're not in bronze but living there.



Hi I hope you can help us, I open an account some time ago but I'm not English speaker I hadn't understood the game until a friend of mine show me how to play, I'm playing from some weeks ago but I can't reach silver I bought a few cards and beta packs but nothing happened my account is @finanzasid

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Awesome! That is great to see!

Neat idea! I've been slowly introducing my kids to the game. My daughter has take a pretty strong interest, and I set up an account for her to play. So far she is getting real close to making the Silver leagues. If you would like to help her out, she's playing as @lumbermiller

Done! Best of luck!

Great initiative, @foggybottom.

I've been doing the same thing: delegating my spare cards to give new players a better experience. We really need to make sure they stick around.

Thank you! And yes, seen you delegating as well!

@foggybottom great idea - if you need help covering some of the lower level delegations just reach out, as retention & new players should be everyones #1 focus. =)

Appreciate that! I've seen you helping delegate on discord quite a bit! Hopefully some new players find their way here.

I play less than a month. Although I achieved silver with a starting set, but it is hard for me.
My nickname is @register50
My collection https://peakmonsters.com/@register50/collection
I learned about the game from other digital TCG lovers.
I try to complete quests every day, I hope that this will be easier with delegated cards.

You're a little outside my target range since you're in Silver 1, but if there are cards left over after going through the requests ill see if i can help. Good luck finishing out this season!

I bought an splinterlands Account for my Student @fraufau. I have no idea whether she already Starts playing. Cool campaign. Greetings Chapper

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I will take a look and see if the account is active, thanks!

I didnt see this account but if you find out she is playing and maybe using a different game name, let me know!

This is an awesome Splinterlands post! You are a great person for helping so many new players to the game. I see a Steem Monsters upvote coming your way!
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Thanks Clove! Please send any new bronze players this way!

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Great to see you helping new players like this!

I thank you so much for the current delegation of cards! That is so nice of you! It is a big boost to not only myself, but helping my Guild!

Thank you again ever so much!

Hi is this stil up for deligate ?
im new in splinterland
and im stuck at bronze tier

can you help me to add some power?
thanks in advance

my splinterland name

i saw splinterland in youtube
by searching a blockchain game