Splinterlands Steem Monsters Fan Fiction Continued

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Continued from previous story on Dark Energy Crystals...

The Initial Assault

The Silver Shield Paladin had confirmed the council's fears of a rising dark force by showing the Dark Energy Crystal. Messengers were dispatched throughout ΛZMΛRÉ describing the power of the crystals and warning of those attempting to manipulate them for evil. As the Silver Shield resupplied, those from ΛZMΛRÉ began to respond to the call to arms.

Proud of their fierce reputation, the Naga warriors were among the first to arrive to the islands and pledge their support. They were soon joined by a contingent of frozen soldiers dispatched by the Frost Giant. Water elementals were seen to be moving closer in from the deep waters, though contact with them had not yet been confirmed. Sabre sharks reported troop movements of the death forces, but also brought word that the legendary Valnamor was organizing the mermaids and preparing to join the army. News of his involvement brought hope to all.

While those of ΛZMΛRÉ were readying for war, the advance guard of the Silver Shield decided it could wait no longer and set sail. Three Naga warriors joined the fleet given the chance to deliver the first strike. The Silver Shield were two days gone before Valnamor followed with all those who had gathered at the islands. Frozen soliders, spineback turtles, sabre sharks, crustaceans, Naga Warriors, and mermaids had all answered the call to protect the realm.

It was not long before they came acrosss the aftermath of a recent battle and the sunken remains of the Silver Shield fleet. The advance guard was decimated with no survivors found. The ΛZMΛRÉ army were still assessing the damage when several dark enchantresses and screaming banshees emerged from the mist. As they floated silently above the waves, the air chilled and storm clouds gathered. Ships full of skeletons and undead followed closely behind. On the deck of the lead ship stood the Lord of Darkness a whip of fire in his hand.

Valnamore shouted to his forces as the dark forces approached, "Frozen soldiers and turtles to the front, crustaceans support, Naga, sharks, and mermaids prepare counterstrike!"

The banshees and enchantresses struck quickly once they saw the ΛZMΛRÉ forming ranks. Their blasts sliced through the frozen soldier's shields. Seeing an opening, the skeletons sailed forward, but the remaining frozen soldiers rallied and rebutted their initial assault. The Naga and mermaids flanked the ships, but their attack was quickly countered. Slightly injured, the Lord of Darkness responded in rage and whipped the undead into a terrifying frenzied attacked. The ΛZMΛRÉ were routed, second line supporting crustaceans were falling, and the Naga's assault was crushed.

Just as the battle descended into an annihilation, Arlic Stormbringer emerged with two water elementals and a massive sea monster. Though unable to fully turn the battle, the reinforcements absorbed assault after assault while the frozen solders and Naga regrouped. Valnamor seized the opportunity to salvage the remaining troops and shouted for a full retreat. Arlic's defenders held and the ΛZMΛRÉ forces fought their way back to the safety of the islands. The forces of death finally receded back into the mist confident they had defeated all those of ΛZMΛRÉ while establishing their dominance of the Dark Energy Crystals.

To be continued....


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