Splinterlands Steem Monsters Remaining Rewards Cards Updated

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I updated the remaining rewards cards based on the data from https://steemmonsters.com/cards/get_details Initially I ran the report on June 14th so draw and burn rates can roughly be calculated by comparing my two charts; however, one extra season reward distribution was included.

Notable remaining cards include Flame Imp at 82.2% draw, Mushroom Seer at 81.8%, Hobgoblin at 82.1%, and Lord Arianthus at 80.1%. Burning stats for some of these higher priced legendary cards is also really interesting. Based on some rough calculations, I assume the cards above 80% drawn will run out in around 75+ days, but that could be quicker if more players join. Also, does anyone know if gold cards count towards the reward card limit or are they a separate category? Let me know if any typos or calculation error jump out! Hope this helps everyone!

Looks like I must have made one typo error back in June when I initially ran it, as Lord Arianthus is now above 80%.

Reward Cards 8-1-2019.jpg


What happens when all the Rewards Cards are drawn?

No more reward cards for drawn... BUT, they will release new cards. Like when the booster packs are over, they will sell new packs with a new card extension (it's oficial)

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Some seem abnormally low which is interesting indeed! Time for a handful of Seasons to get some maxed out!

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The time is coming to and quicker than I thought. Strange that these reward cards could start to price increase as quick as beta are.

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Dang .... half of the drawn rusty androids got burnt .........

Might end up being very scarce at this rate...