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RE: Steem Monsters Voice Actor Casting!!!

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Congrats everyone, we are going to have so much fun!

Just in case anyone didn't see, I outlined some very important information in this previous post as well. So be sure to read that too if you are listed (or were not, there are some reasons as to why we couldn't list some individuals here)!

Swamp Thing, out!


Soooooo much fun!!!!!! Wait! Am I part of the cool kids club now!?!!!!?

I have waited my WHOLE life to be in that club! 😉😂♥️

We're all part of the cool kids club now 😁

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Great work everyone I must of been sleeping during auditions @harrisonmir I see you are playing more than one character.... 🤔 Lucky bastard I'll take one if you don't mind...🤔

Hey @neddykelly, we're likely going to be opening up more opportunities for voice acting very soon. We still have a few cards to fill in, and there are new cards being released in the beta. I'll let you know when we hold another round of auditions!

Sounds wicked mate! I bet you have some wicked accents. Lol think of us and tag hopefully I don't miss the notification

Haha no not at all actually. I'm not nearly as comfortable with my voices as I am with working the post-processing to make them sound all crazy. That's why I took the 'creature' roles haha.


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