Pixel Art Medusa / Entry for the Steem Monsters Art Contest Week 13

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Hello everyone, for this @steemmonsters art contest I decided to make a pixel art Medusa, below is the step by step process. I really enjoy doing pixel art and this is one of the biggest portraits I've done so far, even though I know there's a lot to learn, I'm really happy to share my drawings with the steemit community.


For this drawing I started using some guide lines, in order to make the face (side view) as perfect as possible, I've got to admit that is my first time using this type of guide lines, since I always start by making a sketch, but the result was better than expected for me.

Medusa gif boceto.gif

After the head was done I added the main colors and started to add some shadows too, under the eyes, in the nose, around the lips and in the back of her head. Then I made the snakes' bodies, painted them, and added the snakes' heads with the eyes. To make the snakes' scales I used some dithering in random places. After everything was done, I adjusted the brightness and contrarst just to make the colors look better

Medusa segundo gif.gif


I hope you liked my post, Good luck to all contestants, see you next time!


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