Pixel art Steem Monsters (Xander Foxwood)

in #steemmonsters3 years ago
      I've been working on steem monsters' pixel art animations for a while, and today I decided to share a speedpaint video so you can see how I make the sprites, this is far from being a tutorial, I just want to show to those who are interested how the sprites get done. The video is only about the making of the idle animation because I didn't want to make a long video but I will definitely upload more of this in the future maybe with a complete set of actions.



So here's the final result and another example, where I gave some movement to the hair and clothes to make him look more cool

Xander Idle.gif Xander Walking.gif


Do you use a mouse for that? Also what track is playing? bit of a banger that like...

Yes, I use a mouse to make all my sprites, and about the track the songs playing are Reflections by Deflo & Lliam Taylor and Infinite by Valence

Thank you kindly sir

Excellent work @heraclio !!! You're a talented pixel artist... 👍

Thanks for the support!!


This video is good resource for learning pixel art. Impressive!

I'm glad you liked it

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