Steem monsters for the pixel art weekly Game Jam art contest.

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      Hello there to all steemians, I'm really excited to show you my pixel art steem monters wich I created this week for the pixel art weekly game jam art contest introduced by @jonny-clearwater a few days ago and sponsored by @steemmonsters. These sprites may be used for the game creators in the Gam Jam that's taking place this Agust 25th.


I decided to make 3 characters for this contest : Mischievous Mermaid, Malric Inferno and Fire Demon.

Mischievous Mermaid Card.jpgMalric Inferno Card.jpgFire Demon Card.jpg


Mischievous Mermaid.



Sirenita piskel.gif

Sprite sheet

mermaid idle sprites.png

mermaid attack sprites.png

Fire Demon



Walk animation.gif

Sprite sheet

horns idle sprites.png
horns walk sprites.png

Malric Inferno


Sprite sheet

Fireman sprites.png


I really hope you liked my post you can support me by upvoting and by leaving a comment down below, I can't wait for the Game Jam, good luck to everyone.


please message me in Discord-

These are sooooo damn good. Do you have an app or specific site that you are using? I love the use of a sketch before hand (I have never watched tutorials or anything so am ignorant to this stuff other than an account on lol).

Thank you! Well, Actually for Malric Inferno I used Piskel too, but only because my lapto's charger got broken, sometimes drawing in Piskel is so frustating for me because I would like to have more tools to work with, I use an app called Aseprite, it's really handy and I love it, animating sprites becomes an easy task with it. I saw your sprites and they are not bad at all, I recommend you to watch tutorials, there are many out there and in my opinion is the best way to improve, so keep it up!

Oh wow, I could jump right into Aseprite, and only $15, not shabby at all at all. It wasn't until doing these Steem Monster gifs that I even started using the layers in Piskel. I use Photoshop/Gimp all the time and damn, this Aseprite seems so cool (going through their website in another tab), going to sleep on this, thanks for that recommendation! I did not know such a tool existed in the world of sprite creation, this might be a new side hobby for me for a bit, I do enjoy it.

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