The CRUSTACEAN KING! - He may be slow...BUT

The CRUSTACEAN KING! - He may be slow...BUT he has some pretty sweet abilities.

At first glance this guy is easily going to be the last monster to be able to attack in every game with a Speed of 1. However, once he is leveled up I believe you will see that he is quite useful. He has some armor which is important right off the bat, but his abilities are GROUP TEAM abilities.

Group Heal and Protect.

Group Heal will give every teemmate a healing boost after every round.

Protect give every teammate an automatic armor boost from this King.

I believe this guy is a VERY UNDERRATED Monster just looking at the stats.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 9.28.18 AM.png


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I don't know why it's underrated, it's the card to play in blue, it should be played in almost every blue team.

I totally agree group heal and protect is a massive support for blue and crustacean King should be considered as top VIP card.

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And you didn't even mention its sweet cost of only 3, making it usable in almost any team. 3 mana for AT LEAST a guaranteed group heal, likely 2 rounds of group heal or even more. If you do the math with only that, it means 3 mana for a bunch of team hp.

You are 100% right my friend!

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