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in #steemmonsters2 years ago
  1. What about End of season rewards? Will they still be Beta packs?
  2. Will Untamed summoners be completely different than existing ones? For example - Fire summoner with ranged buff?
  1. The rewards for the current season will still be Beta packs, enough packs were reserved ahead of time to cover this. Future seasons will reward Untamed booster packs.
  2. Yes, all Untamed cards, including Summoners, will be completely different.

so from next season ,we are going to get untamed packs as a season rewards ??

@yabapmatt there are still packs awarded for season rewards? I literally had no idea. What league does that happen in, only once you hit the champion league or is it only for the top so many players? How does that work?


Holy crap, that’s insane, and awesome. $200 prize basically for coming in 1st. Damn.

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