Start Playing Steem Monsters For FREE! Starter Set Giveaway!

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Would you like to get started playing Steem Monsters FOR FREE?!

That’s right... FREE!

Today I have a very special offer for you!

  • After speaking with the developers of Steem Monsters, they have given me extra Promo Codes for Steem Monsters Starter Sets!
  • And I am giving them ALL away to YOU!
  • So, how does this giveaway work?
  1. First, make sure to follow me @joeparys to be alerted to my weekly Steem Monsters Giveaway Videos!
  2. Second, Upvote and Re-Steem this post to share about Steem Monsters and this Giveaway!
  3. Third, visit the Steem Monsters official website (not required but appreciated!) using my referral link to claim your FREE STARTER SET:

Next, enter the promo code shown at the bottom of the card!

Only 1 person can win so make sure to grab it before its too late!

Good Luck and See You on the Battlefield!


hello bro you have sent ( refunded) me 8 steems by misatke how can i return it to you?

Says code has already been redeemed.

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Hey @emmasumner, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Mr Joeparys Pls help me
tell me my reputation gone because of cheetah bot he track me to copy paste content in my posts and i never thought this would br happen to me pls help me
my steem account @wahabali

Sorry, you don't have enough BEER in your account. You need 10 BEER in your virtual fridge to give some of your BEER to others. To view or trade BEER go to