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RE: A full day of Steem Monsters Tournaments Tomorrow

I love that tournamnts are starting up , but its very difficult and complicated to do , I tried for the first time today where i managed to get signed up last night, then I had to check in, then go into discord ( to the proper place!) to find out when its my turn etc with everyone chatting at the same time, then go back to the steem monsters page to see if the person on top challenged me yet ( which they did not) so I had to go back into discord to see whats going on, then back to steemmonsters etc, etc, etc!!! I really dont want to go through it againLol, I was stressed and tired out and ended up losing the first round by then! So please figure out a easier way to do this! thank you! Not to mention I live on the west coast , can we please have some later starting games in th afternoon or evenings, most are early morning like the 1000.000 one for me is at 7 am!
Thanks @aggroed upped and resteemed!


Eventually, it will get automated and integrated into the SteemMonsters website. Some say that should happen somewhere in January.

However, for now it's just getting used to it. Start challonge, steemmonsters and discord and just switch between the three. Refreshing challonge once the tournament has started will also keep you from being misinformed about your opponent.

Thanks for the info @pizzachain ! it will be nice once its integrated! 💁😜

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