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RE: 50x Brilliant Mystery Potions results Part 2

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

Hi @mano237, I see you calculated the Orbs at a rate of 2500 Dec. I was thinking you are supposed to open it and get the actual value of the cards you got.

The reason why I say this is because I bought the mystery potion and was getting the Brilliant Mystery Charge and others and 1 common card. But before the last day I got an Orb and when I opened it I got a gold card the value of which covered the cost and left me with some profit.


Hello @ketcom,
you are right, I have opened every single orb which I have got from my mystery rewards but I got nothing really special, so I have not made big profit/loss with my orbs.

On my first 50 reward post I got a gfl corrupted pegasus and I mentioned it but this time i have got around 3 gold common cards and a few rare/epic ones so I calculated it with 2500 DEC - I think that was pretty the average from my orbs outcome this time.