An incredible fight

This fight did not look good at all for me at the beginning. I estimated my opponent much stronger than me, I guess I was intimidated by all that gold.


However, it went way better for me than expected and it was a very close fight. So close, that at the end we had only one card left each. This was how the showdown looked like:


Maybe you can already guess how this ended. I had never been in such a situation before, so this was very exciting for me. For an always endless feeling number of rounds it went like this: His Sabre Shark hit my Water Elemental, my Water Elemental healed himself. The from the 20th round on, something came into play I did not know about yet: the fatigue. From now on, at the end of every round each card lost 1 LP. This lead to the unexpected end of the fight I had never thought about: a draw.