My first tournament

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Today I participated on my first tournament on steemmonsters. I didn't think i would be so excited and nervous when I registered for it, but when it finally began I realized how my heart beat accelerated.

The tournament

The tournament I'm talking about was the Kobold Mining Expedition hosted by Splinterlands.



As you see, the entry was free and the prize pool was 8 USD. As it was my first tournament and I had no idea what expected me, my goal was to at least win 1 round. The tournament started with 72 players, meaning that by winning 1 round I would already be in the best 32 and thus get a reward.

1st round

I had a dream start in the tournament with a pretty clear win. In the second fight my opponent changed to the water splinter to and defeated me. I thought about changing my deck to, because I was afraid to be predictable, but then I stayed with my best deck, which is based on the water splinter. This was a good decision, as I won the third fight again. I was qualified for the second round and had already met my goal of winning at least one round!

1st round.png

2nd round

My opponent in the second round was much stronger, as his rating of almost 4k shows. After loosing the first fight, I somehow managed to get a victory in the second fight. Again the change of splinter of my enemy was for my advantage. However, in the last fight he crushed me and I had no chance to reach the third round.


Final result


I finished the torunament in the top 32, winning a total of 0.25 Steem.
I had 3 victories and 3 defeats.

Being my first try I am happy with the results and looking forward for the next tournament already.

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