Steemmonster Contest #2: Guess the number of rounds

Hello Fans of Steemmonsters

The rules were slightly adapted since last time. Now the rules state how long entries will be accepted and the prize pool is fix. Half of the payout of the post will still go to the jackpot, but for future contests.


  • Predict the correct number of rounds of the fight below in the comments
  • 1 comment per user
  • Comments will be accepted until 17.01.2019 17:00 CET
  • The winner gets the current Jackpot of 1 Steem and a random card
  • If more than one winner: the first 3 winners will split the pot and get a random card each
  • If no winner the Steem will go to a Jackpot for next time
  • You do not have to upvote, but of course I would appreciate it and the Jackpot would grow faster


How many rounds did this fight last?

Round1 - 2..png