Would love to but don't have enough steem. Or fiat. x_x

If no one buys them, I'll just send you in a week ^_^ I never ended up playing it.

Ahh I’m sure someone will!

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However, I might try selling the highest value ones ingame. :) I don't want to waste must time. I just don't want to be at a loss. (I think I spent roughtly 5SBD back then :/)

I need to figure out how to sell that!! That will cover all I spent and much more :O

Why not just put them all on the market then? Seems like that would be your best bet, then you can get a good price and you can leave them on there til they sell 🙃

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Wow xD I'm an idiot. those were market cards, mine are shit hahaha

I might have a buyer :D

Yay! I'm so utterly lost with this thread XD

Yup, sorry :D
That's exactly how my brain is right now.... That's why I'm trying to clean up my belongings :)

What's your steem monsters account? :)

This one 🙃

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If you sell them, please give me a cut? xD

Let me know if you got, then I'll send the rest :)

Got them :)

Yay, sold rest to Steamdan :D

Trying to figure out how to send now, because it's greyed out for me :P

Found how to send ^^, let me know your username

What are your expectations?

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Just a fair value, I accept SBD, STEEM, EOS, ETH, even PAL :)
I might even try selling in game tho, seems a few cards have some value. I'll wait for a week for offers.

You can buy certain cards, don't have to buy whole set :)