SteemMonsters - Simple Battle Game Mechanics Proposal

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LiberViarum’s SteemMonsters

As some of you may hear, is the hype in the Steem world currently.

What is is an upcoming collectible card game. Like any other card games, you can use it to battle one another. The people behind it, Aggroed and Yabapmatt, are sounding that there will be a strategy or RPG elements built inside the game to make it enjoyable. So it’s a game, card game, where Steemit users can battle one another.

As a record, in this alpha release, I’ve bought the starter pack for USD $5 which was 2.829 SBD. I got 15 common and 15 rare cards. No epic or even legendary card sadly. I’ve also bought two (2) additional booster packs. Each was priced at USD$2 for a total of USD$4, which was 2.236 SBD. Unfortunately for me, all 10 of them (five cards per booster pack) were also common and rare cards.

As this is an alpha release and I can’t seem to find any information on how to use it for battle, I would like to suggest to @aggroed and @yabapmatt on the game mechanics (constructs of rules or methods designed for interaction with the game state, thus providing gameplay -- Wikipedia)

Game mechanics of Card Battle

I’m not sure how the data can be incorporated into the Steem blockchain, but I think the HP / blood system would only bring unnecessary load on the Steem blockchain and the nodes. Therefore, I would suggest these variables for card battle system:
Attack PowerPhysical attack power
Defense PowerPhysical defense power
IntelligentMagical attack power
Spirit levelMagical defense power
RarityAlready included. Innate level. Affect physical power
ElementalAlready included. Innate affinity. Affect magical power

I’m suggesting a turn-based battle system, where with the variables above:

  • players have an option to engage in physical or magical battle.
  • the rarity would affect the level. For example, being on the same element, a level ten (10) common card would have a similar statistic to a level one (1) rare card. See the table below for example. Of course, the multiplier could be adjusted according to the rarity percentage of the cards.
Level 1 ofEquals to level (example only)
Legendary10 of epic = 100 of rare = 1,000 of common
Epic10 of rare = 100 of common
Rare10 of common
  • For the elemental system, each or some cards could have double elements, as gold elements are basically dragons.
  • As we already have some Asian elementals included inside, such as fire, water, earth, gold, black, and white, we could then just adjust the strength and weaknesses of each element according to Asian philosophy.
ElementStrong againstWeak against
  • We can then include multiplier system for each attack and defense based on the elements. For example, the magic attack of Fire card will be doubled if it attacks a Gold card. Which then the magic defense of a Fire card will be halved if it gets attacked by a Water card.

Closing words

The above game mechanics are simple enough for average players to understand but still able to enjoy the game. The statistic for each card can be set as random between their own respective variables such as rarity, level, and elemental.

I hope this helps. I’m excited about this SteemMonsters. Really hope that this game could be a hit.

What do you think of the above game mechanics? What other aspects that you think could be added to make the game more enjoyable?

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This is some really cool game mechanics man @liberviarum

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