50x Brilliant Mystery Potions results Part 2

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Hello people!

I already made a post about my first 50x Brilliant Myster Potions outcome.
You can find the link at the end of this article.

I again recorded my last 50 mystery potions and want to show you my results so you can get a feeling about what you will get from these potions.


I spent 65,400 DEC for mystery potions (10x Brilliant Mystery Potion for 50 days)

Since there are no more beta packs in the mystery rewards you can also get potion charges.. which I dont really like to be honest.

My outcome:

16x Orbs * 2500 DEC = ~ 40,000 DEC
14x Common, 8x Rare = ~ 0.70$
1x common gold = ~ 0.75$
1 Brilliant Mystery Charge ~ 1,128 DEC
4 Brilliant Quest Charges ~ 2,820 DEC
30 Brilliant Legendary Charges ~ 1,128 DEC
30 Brilliant Alchemy Charges ~ 1,410 DEC

Total Income:
~1,45$ + 46,4860 DEC = ~49,000 DEC

65,400 DEC - 49,000 DEC = 16,400 DEC Loss

Unfortunately it did not pay off for me this time.
Maybe we will see Untamed Packs in the mystery rewards soon? I wish you all good luck with your rewards! :)

Check out my first 50 Mystery Potions results post:


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Thanks! Have a nice weekend too! :)

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Thanks clove! :)

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Hi @mano237, I see you calculated the Orbs at a rate of 2500 Dec. I was thinking you are supposed to open it and get the actual value of the cards you got.

The reason why I say this is because I bought the mystery potion and was getting the Brilliant Mystery Charge and others and 1 common card. But before the last day I got an Orb and when I opened it I got a gold card the value of which covered the cost and left me with some profit.

Hello @ketcom,
you are right, I have opened every single orb which I have got from my mystery rewards but I got nothing really special, so I have not made big profit/loss with my orbs.

On my first 50 reward post I got a gfl corrupted pegasus and I mentioned it but this time i have got around 3 gold common cards and a few rare/epic ones so I calculated it with 2500 DEC - I think that was pretty the average from my orbs outcome this time.