Finally reached DIA III - Let's do a Giveaway

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Hello everybody!

My daily splinter was the green one today, which I pretty love to play.
I managed it to win 5 quests fast and reached diamond III with my daily!

Its the first time I got to diamond and I am happy about it because I also got more cards for my daily =)
I dont think that I can stay there long because I try to do my daily every day and its going to be pretty hard to complete the quests for all my splinters in diamond atm.

The card outcome: 5 rare out of 15 cards - could be better but never complain about free cards 😉




I am on vacation right now so I have much time playing steemmonsters - the addiction is real.. hehe


Because I reached DIA I want to do a little giveaway.

You dont have to upvote - just comment your feelings about steemmonsters in the comments below.
I will pick a winner from the comments on 12.07.2019(friday) evening (CEST)!

Good Luck!!

Winner Announcement:


Medusa sent to the winner, congrats! :)

If you are still not part of this great game, use the link below -> buy a starter pack -> level up your decks --> earn cards --> make friends --> slash monsters & HAVE FUN! 😉


I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Steem Monsters but i'm enjoying earning from playing very much. 😊

Yea this daily quests are sometimes a bit frustrating but if it would be too easy it would be boring hehe ;-)

season ending is near, congrats for diamond :)

Wow diamond ? congratulations, you know what that Medusa would be a great addition to @itharagaian deck ;)

thanks, i wish you good luck for the giveaway :)

Thank you ;)

Congrats on reaching diamond, that's a long ways off for me still :-)

It could happen faster than you think, wish you good luck for the season ending ;-)

I love this game. I just reached gold 3 today for the first time too and that too with just my bronze level cards. Congrats for the diamond!

thanks! wish you good luck for the end of this season! :-)

I can only get to SILVER :(

Congrats for diamond !

I also ended my first season with silver, it takes some time but you will get better and better every season :-)

i like playing steem monsters cause you can actually get things that can be sold for real money when you win. i haven't put any money in besides the $10 to get the game and my cards are worth around $80.

I feel like steemmonsters will make the Steemit blockchain more known.

I am impressed of the manage to keep the value up

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I've just got back into silver 3 this season, my goal is to get into gold 3 before the season ends.

Congrats on the achievement! I am struggle through silver lol. Having fun though!

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It’s great but I can’t wait for the new updates. I need that mobile app lol

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Thank you for the great opportunity! Medusa is a very nice card.

I just started playing a bit over a week ago, I honestly didn't really like it all from the start since I'm extremely lazy and had to do too much effort to figure things out (like most people). Now that I looked into it more I do actually like it to the poit where I'm a bit hooked already havig bought some cards. The game certainly has some potential

Reached at Gold league but it is very difficult to go high as the competition is very hard.

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I like playing Steemmonsters, but now I feel not so enthusiastic as before.
For several month in a row I' m trying to imrove my ranks and reach Silver but... I'm still in Bronze. It seems to me that it's all about money. When you don't spend STEEM on buying new strong monsters you suck and your place is in Bronze. It's so disappointing...