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RE: 👹 Cards being undervalued & Undercut on the Steem Monsters Market! There Should Be A Price Range!

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I think the prices are ok like they are, since the market still needs to develop and evaluate the cards until battle starts. And when you compare prices of your golden impaler, sure there are right now just a few on the market, but that doesn't mean that you can sell for over 1000$ right now. The main reason in my opinion with your golden impaler is the excpected rarity of the card...and that should be the same as regular epic gold cards. If we take a look over there, than you see the price range between 40 - 90$. So to call 99$ for the golden epic impaler to low is missing the point, because its not more rare than other epic gold cards and since it is priced at the upper range of that band, it already accounted the current shortage in the market. So for me, the current price of the golden impaler is just fine!!! But thanks for opening up that discussion. I'm curious what other will say about it!

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Yes but if you look at other gold cards that are extemely hard to get which I got none out of all the Alpha cards I bought , and just recently got a good one, i think it should be priced quite high like the other gold cards are on the market for epics and legendary! like i said the EPIC SPHINX card is selling for 200.00 and there is more of those at 12 cards TOTAL.
My main point is that I think there should be a high and low card price set or Range , and listed beside every card in the web site set by @aggroed or @yabapmatt , so that its a more level playing field and less major undercutting. 😄✌👍 Who chooses anyways what a cards value is!? is it the first person that puts that card up for sale!? you know what I Mean, why isnt 1,200.00 a fair price, or at least 200.00 like the SPHNIX Card !? is the MAGI SPHINX to high at 200.00 , or the Raging Impaler to low at 99.00 !?

I think we already have a high and low market price to each card next to it. On the official Steemmonster market you can see the high and lows offered by the sellers.
But one more important thing is, when you say the sphinx is selling for 200$, that just means somebody has a sell order for 200$, there is no evidence that this sell order will get filled. Maybe most buyers think that this is over priced and they won't buy until the price drops. From market perspective the most important information is what was the price the card was traded last? We need an order history to each card where we can see at which price actually a trade happened.

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Yes thanks , this is what I mean, something like that😊maybe because it's to early with the beta cards to tell what the range should be or prices should be.👍

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