Is it good if the card starts shaking, Dad?

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Love this kid; and he loves this game. He made it to Diamond III and picked up 50 rewards cards.

Then I had Evelyn help me open my own, 100 cards for finishing in Champion III.

This season is shaping up to be really interesting, with all the new cards and balancing changes. Reach, in particular is going to have a big impact on team selection.

If you're not already involved, head over to to give it a try.

Even if you're time poor and only have a couple of hours once a fortnight, with a basic deck you can battle your way up into Silver or even Gold; and claim a decent stack of bonus cards at the end of the season.


Champion III!? Pfft! I'm knockin' on wood...

I've been out of the loop since steemmonsters became established. They seem a bit like pokemon cards in some respects. I might be able to get my kids interested in this, at least there seems like a chance of getting a return for the investment.

I'm sick of throwing money away for their in game purchases on fortnite, it never seems to end with that game and they really have nothing tangible to show for the investment. I think my oldest boy would love it and the other two would want to get involved so they don't miss out on anything.

I feel exactly the same. Fletch wanted to spend his pocket money on some plastic junk the other day. Convinced him to get a prepaid VISA card and buy packs with it instead :)

I was just looking into buying a starter pack for him and your suggestion of using a prepaid visa card seems like the easiest option. Nearly all our financial systems are handled on the internet these days so now's as a good a time as any to get him used to transacting over the web. If he has his own visa card he won't be able to wring mine out :)

Cheers @mattclarke

Must be the power of the SM t-shirt It’s lucky! Well done.

I have family visiting next week I need see if there kid will open some daily rewards!

Well it's nice to see where all the good cards went.....

Your daughter is adorable mate. She was so happy daddy got a good card.

1/2 pint loves the "ooze" too, strange that!!

They do love slime; so maybe its a card they can relate to. Wouldn't touch the ooze, though.
That sword used to have a hand around it.

Kind of reminds me of an eX girlfriend... She was a slimy blob too!!

i got none this time!! when your son saw the two legendary he looked pretty excited!! i would be screaming if i had two in the pack lol

He's pretty stoked. I think my boys will get really addicted when the native tournaments start.
They want to get onto challonge; but the logins and email addresses are all a bit much to keep track of.
I can see them both doing well in Silver tournaments; even if they place occasionally and win a couple of SBD, they'll be delighted. It's not like fortnite pays you to win.

Can you recommend a good video of SteemMonsters being played which will illustrate what the game play is like?

That specific battle here.
Good game, @cryplectibles. Saw your name and assumed I'd be commentating my loss.

Oh gosh, thanks Matt! I wasn't expecting you to record something, nevermind send me a pack! I was seeing if it was something Izzy would be interested in, but she says not. I'll have to save a bit of liquid steem up and give it a try one day.

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If she'd spent the last 30 years wishing the money she made in video games was real money, like I have; she'd probably be a little more enthused :)
We want the kids to do what's best for them, but if there was ever a time to be irresponsible it's now.
Give it time; this game is going places, she'll circle back when half her friends are playing.

Every time I wait for it to shake, every single card.! I did what you do to let my best partner to open it, she feels better and lucky if the card is shaking although it seems not happened, LOL.

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I got a gold rusty android with my 30 bonus cards. Pretty cool. Plus I got a heap of those Goblin Mechs so I will combine all of them and make it a beast of a card. (It's good against some cards, but prone to snipe attacks).

buenos días amigo @mattclarke deseo que se encuentre bien usted y su familia , sus hijos se ven muy emocionados y felices cuando usted le voltea las carta una a una para ver su contenido , que tenga un feliz día amigo.

Did you guys pick up all the 'shakers'? :D None for me this season - next time!

200 cards in our household today. 5 legendaries, so we're running at 2.5%
I think 5 gold foil, too.

Nice haul! 100 and 0 for me, I think I might take the daily quest route this season!

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