I got MANTICORE from my last quest.

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My last quest was to win 5 battles by using the fire splinter. It was too much hard for me to win 5 battles by using the fire splinter. I won 5 battles but I lost too many battles by using the earth splinter. I opened the quest after winning 5 battles. I got MANTICORE from that quest.20190523_112706.png


Another product of the twisted genetic experiments of the Gloridax is on the loose. The hybrid monster know as the MANTICORE is a cross between a Dragon, a Lion, a scorpion and countless other monstrosities from which it draws its powers. Except when summoned to battle, the MANTICORE answer to no one.

Card name:Manticore

Card type: Monster
Abilities:Flying, Reach

Here is my referal link of SteemMonsters https://steemmonsters.com/?ref=mr-science


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