Excellent giveaway @neddykelly. My answer is family ...

Nice find @o07 this image reminds me of releasing ones thoughts ones ego and identity with self.. Seeking enlightenment for great liberation for all sentient beings. 🙏

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keep on keeping on. #gratitudegiveaways

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Thought I'd throw my name into the hat!




I know, it's a pretty silly meme to express how grateful I am to be alive. You see, I was diagnosed with cancer nine years ago. After battling through that and receiving a clean bill of health, I was diagnosed with cancer a second time 7 years ago. I'm doing well now and have been blessed to be able to watch my sons grow into fine young men.

That's good brother battle on. That's nice you speak of watching your sons grow into young men. Did you fight it with chemo or some natural alternative?

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Radiation, chemo and surgery.

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Grateful for Steem(it)

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