Splinterlands Sunday is Back for Today!: Attracting More Users to the Game

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Posted Originally on Publish0x as an initiative to attract new users. However, it also applies for new users on this platform.

Gaming has been a passion in my life as my alternatives were limited when I was young being alone and without any extracurricular activities available around me to participate in. While it significantly declined as I continued my career and professional focus after College, I was happy to find it once again during my journey down the rabbit hole while actively researching and engaging with cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. Splinterlands was the one that jumped out as a clear interest given its approach of allowing players to collect, play, and earn with relative ease.

Even the early phase of the game, before it was a game, was fun as opening packs became an engaging experience as the community would come together and reveal their Collections and the lore behind the cards and Splinters. It quickly reminded me of my times of collecting sport cards with my father years ago and the rush I would get as a kid to get something I really liked or looked nice! I was having the same feeling when buying booster packs for the early editions of the game.

As more details of the game and individual cards started to become public, the community of players through the great Discord channel they have setup took the game to another levels as packs continued to be sold. I quickly became a Monster Maverick which is a player who has purchased over 500 booster packs. Joining that select group also allowed me to beta test the actual game once it became available. It was a great experience as it seemed that we had a direct line to the developers for feedback. They have continued to listen to all players as they have continued to evolve the game which has now delivered their Untamed Editions of cards.

While the developers continue to provide updates on the future roadmap for the game, the community has taken to many online platforms to grow the player base and assist in the onboarding of new players. The community continues to grow as an asset to the game's ecosystem as it has allowed the developers to continually gain revenue and deploy crowdfunding campaigns which benefit all stakeholders in the game. After two successful Kickstarter raises, the game is ready to grow and become mainstream as it is already one of the most popular Blockchain based games available.

More community members are reaching out and providing great content to help new players learn about the game and its growing ecosystem. The user Splinterlore on Publish0x (https://www.publish0x.com/@SplinterLore) is doing a great job with content to help onboard the growing player base! I cannot do a better job to help with tutorials but I can attempt to help new players with their Collections!

If you are interested in playing the game and sign up using my referral code (https://steemmonsters.com?ref=newageinv), I will gift you a free Untamed Booster Pack valued at $2 once you purchase a Summoner's Spellbook to get you started on your Collection! I will also gift an Orb pack once you have reached 10 booster packs purchased! If you enjoy as much as I do and continue to expand your collection with 25 booster packs purchased, I will send you a free Beta booster pack. None of these packs are available from the Game Store any more and are valued on exchanges for more than $5 each!

I would really like to see more players join and enjoy what the community and developers have created with Splinterlands. I hope that this could be the opportunity that some have waited for to give it a try as most of us in the community seek to attract more players to build on our experiences. Given the feedback we provide, we have all been improving the game which will soon continue to expand into new ways to engage with player around the world!

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