Thanks for putting this together. I like stats, and although I'm not doing as good as I'd wish, I'm still pretty happy with the results :0)

I second that motion :p

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Thanks for querying the data and posting this list.

I just wanted to give credit where credit is due.
I did not play my 'mellofello' account in May.
It was a talented Team Possible member named @hossainbd.
He was the one kicking butt. Thanks so much @hossainbd.

Thanks for this! I sometimes added a similar table in the comments, but it's great to have everything ready on the website.

Thanks for doing this. May I ask how was the data colected?

I grab the transfers with certain memo for prizes payouts by @steemmonsters :)

From the json file?

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No it is not in json, it is simply transfers memos

Vive la Pologne!

You just got your free #steemmonsters upvote from - Don't forget to send us your next posts too! New giveaways have been added.

Very cool. Look forward to future editions:)

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