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RE: $4000 paid out so far, $6000 to be paid out in the next two weeks!

in #steemmonsters3 years ago (edited)

I don't think 50 is too much at all. I think the real issue here is we simply don't have enough high roller players yet. A satellite system where players can earn their way to big games would help with getting such games running. For example a Sat. game that cost 10 Steem to enter would have 1 in every 5 players winning a ticket to your Max Splinter game. One could even have satellites to satellites (would have to be automatic or would be a ton of work for the host).


I'll think about other ways to make it work, and the Satellite format might be the best bet. Maybe, on the other hand I'll just give up on the idea of being a tournament sponsor, it certainly seems the easiest way out with my increasing time commitments on other things.

I don't want that to be the outcome, though.

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