Late to the Steem Monsters party? Here is your chance to win a legendary Gold Foil Alpha Card and other prizes worth almost 1000 USD

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Steem Monsters has been a great success for the team, its community and the whole Steem blockchain so far. Alpha packs are already sold out and some might feel that it is too late to join the party and that they have missed the best already. No chance anymore to get one of these legendary Gold Foil cards from an Alpha pack? Here is you chance to join the game and win prizes of in total almost 1000 USD!

It is not too late to win a Gold Foil Legendary Alpha Card

While you might not be able to win them from a pack anymore, if you join Steam Monsters now and buy your starter pack, here comes your chance to win a Gold Foil Legendary Chromatic Dragon:

The prizes

1st prize

The first prize in this raffle is a Gold Foil Legendary Chromatic Dragon (Value of about USD 800 as I am writing this).

Bildschirmfoto 20180922 um 14.36.21.png

2nd prize

The second prize is a Gold Foil Epic Swamp Thing (Value: 40 USD)
Bildschirmfoto 20180922 um 14.36.31.png

3rd prize

The third prize is a Gold Foil Rare Summoner Alric Stormbringer (Value: 30 USD)
Bildschirmfoto 20180922 um 14.36.44.png

4th prize

Fourth prize is a Gold Foil Rare Medusa (Value: USD 11)
Bildschirmfoto 20180922 um 14.37.15.png

5th prize

Fifth prize is a Gold Foil Common Silvershield Knight (Value: 3.75 USD)
Bildschirmfoto 20180922 um 14.37.27.png
Additionally, there will be a guaranteed common rare card for every participant.

All cards you can win in this raffle are Alpha cards.

This is how it works - the Rules

  1. This raffle is open only to new users as I want to help winning new users, which will in the end be good also for my own investment in cards. You need to use the following link to buy your steem monsters starter pack. This is an affiliate link, which will allow me to earn 5% of all future revenue Steam Monsters will generate from this users. Only new users who use this link will count.
    To make sure that only true new users will get the chance to win (again, my target is to win new users) and to avoid existing users to just register a new account in order to being able to participate in this raffle, only steem users with a reputation above 40 and an account age of more than 1 month are eligible to get the 10 raffle tickets. Newly registered Steem users get only 3 raffle tickets - this should be enough of an incentive to join but not enough incentive for people to buy a new account and starter pack just for joining this raffle.

  2. The amount of prizes unlocked will depend on the number of raffle tickets generated.

    • If more than 1000 raffles (equivalent to 100 new users) are generated, all prizes will be unlocked - including the legendary Gold Foil Chromatic Dragon.
    • If more than 500 raffles (equivalent to 50 new users) are generated, all prizes except for the Legendary Gold Foil Chromatic Dragon will be unlocked.
    • If more than 300 raffles (equivalent to 30 new users) are generated, all prizes except for the legendary Gold Foil Chromatic Dragon and the Gold Foil Epic card will be unlocked.
    • If more than 200 raffles (equivalent to 20 new users and 10 packs per user) are generated, all prizes except for the legendary Gold Foil Chromatic Dragon, the Gold Foil Epic card and the Gold Foil Rare Summoner will be unlocked.
    • If more than 100 raffles (equivalent to 10 new users) are generated, the Gold Foil Rare card and the Gold Foil Common card will be unlocked.
    • if more than 50 raffles (equivalent to 5 new users) are generated, the Gold Foil Common card will be unlocked.
    • Every new user will in any case get a free Regular Rare Alpha card just for participating.

You have time to participate from publication of this post until the post pays out. Given that the number of prizes will increase significantly as more new users join, everybody should have a strong incentive to spread the news about this raffle. So resteem, link to this post, use it on twitter or Facebook!

Good luck to you all and let's all make an effort to convince even more new users for Steam Monsters!


EDIT: I will add the raffles that have been given out so far here:

1-10: @badmusgreene
11-20: @ellis.marell
21-30: @hurrahay


Nice game i most try this game.

Try it, it is worth it. It is a little bit addictive however...

Tolle Aktion :)) @rondras
Habe deinen Link zum Registrieren und Kauf des Starter Packs genutzt.
Jetzt muss ich mich noch mit der Funktionsweise des Spiels befassen,
dann kann´s auch schon los gehen :).
Vielen Dank!
V&R, t

Super, dann viel Spaß mit dem Spiel (welches ja eigentlich noch gar nicht richtig begonnen hat)! Wenn Du Fragen hast, sag einfach Bescheid. Wir haben eine ziemlich aktive deutsche Community, die allgemein sehr hilfreich ist.

Eine deutschsprachige Anleitung wäre interessant und falls ihr auf discord seid würde ich gern vorbeischauen.
Vielen Dank!

I just bought the starter pack from your link.

I can see that you bought a starter pack after this post, but you were not registered with my affiliate link. Nonetheless, I will give you the 10 raffle tickets anyway. Good luck with the game.

This is so amazing :)

I hope I can win one of the gold cards xD

@tsnaks unfortunately this is a contest open only to new users who buy a starter pack. So you will unfortunately not be able to win

Wow, fantastic! :D

Great initiative to get new players involved! They will not regret it!

This is what I hope for. I new users has joined already - let's hope we make the 100!

Wow. Where can I play this card game?

The game is still in development, but it is supposed to start in the next few weeks. What you can do at the moment is collecting the cards - and some are already pretty valuable.

Krasser Shit - tolle Initiative - kleiner Typo in der Headline @rondras

Danke Uwe. Mein Mach macht leider aus Stetem immer wieder gerne mal Steam...

Hi sir, nice contest although I can't enter

I think you mean prize instead of price in your wording

Thank you for the hint, I corrected this. Difficult to differentiate for a German, as in German both price and prize is spelled the same...

Ah really interesting, thanks for that my apologies kind sir and legendary giveaway well done

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Great business idea;)

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very nice game i loved

people are winning legendary steemonsters its glad to see a game rocking All over the globe

amezing monster game

This the most valuable Steem Monsters contest i'd ever seen on earth! Please participate!!! 🚀🚀🚀

Unfortunately we did not manage to win enough users to unlock the Gold Foil Prices. I will give it a new try with another raffle once fighting has started.

Great post. Once thing I've learned in life is "Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs."