[CONTEST] Play SteemMonsters Without Investing In A Starter Pack

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Steemmonsters are hot! Do you want to learn how to play the game, but can't afford to get a starter pack? Then this might be the opportunity for you.

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Sizzling Hot

Steemmonsters is by far the hottest thing on the Steem Blockchain at the moment. The digital card game has taken the blockchain by storm and loads of Steemians are spending more time on playing the game than on writing posts.

To make the game even more exciting and interesting than it already is, and to level the battlefield a bit, SteemMonsters needs more players.


Get In On The Fun

I realize a lot of people want to get in on the fun, but simply can't afford to get the starter pack. Personally, I think everyone should be able to enjoy the game.

That's why I want to give some people the opportunity to learn how to play Steemmonsters, without having to invest a single cent.

Here's how it will work:

I'm willing to provide 2 starter pack accounts and all the advice you may need to get started and learn how the Steemmonster game works.

I assume there's no need to say that this offer only counts for people who don't have a @steemmonsters account already. The entire idea of this setup is to give people who can't afford a starter pack the opportunity to join in on the fun.


To be eligible to win, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • You really want to play Steemmonsters
  • You don't have a @steemmonsters account yet (This isn't open for alt-accounts)
  • You need to be able to read and write in English
  • You should have a Discord account (and know how to work with it)


If you don't have a Discord account yet, you can create one here: https://discordapp.com/.

Once you've created your account, click the following link to end up in my 'Redfish Rockets' server: https://discord.gg/zFZe84T.

In the left sidebar you'll see a channel 'Redfish Questions'. Simply drop me a note there and I'll show you around.


How To Apply

For now, this offer is limited to only 2 starter pack accounts.

If you are interested in this offer, leave a comment in which you tell me why I should pick you to get 1 of the accounts.

No Follow, No Upvote, No Resteem Required

but spreading the message would be highly appreciated

Applications need to be in before Tuesday, November 13th - 7pm GMT

This allows me to announce the new players* and brief them before the next season starts on Thursday, November 15th.

*Winners will be chosen by me personally

Grab This Chance Today To Start Playing SteemMonsters Next Week! No Investment Needed!


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Hey Mike,

you received 100% upvote from me because I like your idea, I have been doing the same with the my friends from poker as the Steeminati.
I will direct 1 over to here that I think would be able to handle discord, plays Magic the card game alot...

As to being a constant Blogger that's a different issue....

if you get a chance check out the SteemDecathlon

Rich :)

Thanks a lot

Wow this a great opportunity and a great way to give back , Thanks for your helping hand to the steem community, this content really inspires me to do similar deeds ! Keep up the Great work @simplymike

Thanks, I'll try to :0)

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Would like to be able to try out steem monsters for myself so that I can get others involved.

Hi, @simplymike!

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I have always heard of steem monsters, in fact some discord communities always talk about it. Hence I am eager to start an account, and I indeed have logged in, as I have won Zontar Mortails from incinbot's giveaway. However I have not purchased any starter packs yet; and if I did I would waste all of my steem and sbd in doing so. Moreover without adding my sbd and steem together I would not get 10 dollars in crypto currency so I would not be able to purchase one even if I wanted to. Thus I would love to win a starter pack to see the game for myself, and test it out.

You're officially added go the list of candidates :0)

thanks for adding me.

@omegagamerow, coulld you please send me your Discord address? I'm going to ask all participants, so I can contact them by sending a DM.

As always, you're giving! This is such a sweet gesture @simplymike, and I'm sure many will take you up on it :)

So far, just one. To be honest, I had expected more. Dave will be putting up a most like this in a couple of days. I bet he'll get more applications than he can handle, lol

Thats such a kind offer and good luck to who gets them, I dont have time to play the game ever though I have bought lots of packs

That's a shame. You could alwys sell them, or even better: give part of them away to those people who cân't afford it ;0)

LOl I do have one gold Legendary I should sell sometime :)

Or do as i'm doing: find other people to play your deck and split the profits :0)

This is such a cool and generous offer, Mike! You’re doing an awesome job, helping others.

Thanks, I'm trying my best :0)

Thanks a lot for this chance.I want to grab it.I have join in discord.I am a new steemian.I don't have enough money to buy a starter pack ,but i am want to play steem monsters.I play practice mood.But that give me nothing.If you give me this starter pack.It will be very pleasureable for me.Though i collect steem monsters card by attending giveaway.When i will get a starter pack.I can do prosper.

You are on the list, @bosssteem.

This is a great initiative to encourage & bring some new players to @steemmonsters. I have logged into steemmonsters.com but I don't know how to play & I don't have any cards except two cards (won from some giveaway) maybe.
I really wants to play this amazing game. Hope I will get help from you to play this game. I have already joined in your discord server. Thank you for your kind attention to the beginners of SM. Have a great day. ♥

I've added your name to the list, @faiyazmahmud

This post has received a 15.00% upvote from @teevmoore!

I think there should be another rule

  • The account must posting mean struggling for earning Steem.
  • because peoples can use their alts which are useless for getting cards.

    Thanks for the tip, @talhatariq.
    I've added a little note to the post that alt-accounts won't be accepted.

    I don't really understand what you mean with 'their alts are useless for getting cards'. Can you please explain what you mean by that?

    These are two points (peoples can use their alts which are useless)mean peoples have some useless accounts which they are not using and only using for other purpose or not using them (for getting cards) they will use them for getting cards of starter pack.

    Hi @simplymike!

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    This is a great idea! Way to help out other Steemians!

    Thanks. I just think evefyone deserves a chance to enjoy the game

    My pleasure... it's a great idea!

    I was just talking to my kids trying to get them in on the game
    I didn't realised you need the cards first before anything
    Ok, will need to find out more about this game as I am absolutely clueless

    Thank you :)
    This will be my homework for today :)

    Ive never heard of it to be honest, but great work for giving back to those thay could benifit starting out in this blockchain can be tricky

    Posted using Partiko Android

    Wow! What a great idea!!! This game has greatly impacted my steemit posting lol. I even had to leave steemit bloggers because of it

    Leave Steembloggers???

    I want to do this also but how can I give away those packs?

    I don't understand what you mean, I'm sorry.

    How can I give a beginners pack away to a friend? Just on a email or WhatsApp or something like that.

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