Yeah, he did 😀 Four days ago he was still in the novice league.

Yeah, I started with 0 points :)

But up until gold level, you hardly earn any DEC. Wasn't that frustrating?

I mean, inspired by your post, I leased some golds and alphas to strengthen my second account. The betas I sent to another account, which was in silver league before I emptied it out. 30 DEC per game... it was driving me crazy. I assumed I would be able to get a good win streak, because the cards I had there now were of a higher level than the ones that used to be in there. What I didn't count on, is the fact that the cards are capped... 😂

I'm by far not such a good player as you are (proven by the fact that you keep beating me in tourneys and ranked play 95% of the time), and I was really struggling. Took up too much time for the amount of DEC I won, so I gave up. (patience is not one of my best qualities, lol)

Your post has really triggered something, though. The rental market has never been busier 👍

Yeah, that's true - until gold level, you earn a little DEC. But honestly, I did not pay much attention to the DEC I earned during this experiment, I mainly wanted to get the best place as soon as possible. Especially that I thought that I would not earn too much DEC total, because my ECR will quickly fall to a very low level ;-)

Rental market is pretty busy right now, which means it's getting harder to rent a card that we are interested (especially neutrals) haha :D

Neutrals, or the level 4 Rennyn, lol

I love experiments like that. I'm glad to hear yours was successful.
A couple of months ago, I started one to see how far I could get without spending anything else than what I could earn on Steem and the dApps.
I could't get my deck to level 4 summoners... maybe I could have, but it would have required a lot of time, effort and patience.

But that was before DEC was introduced. Sometimes I wonder if I should try it again and see if things would turn out different this time... 😉

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