The STEEM MONSTERS x CMMerch Skateboard "Azure Flame"

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Here it is! Nobody asked for it, but we made it for you anyway!!!! The First ever (we think) STEEM MONSTERS Skateboard.

Disclaimer The Steem Monsters Team did not ask us to make this, we just made it because we love the community!So sorry if anyone is offended. Secondly we do not own the rights to this picture or anything steem monsters. Again we just wanted to make something for the community

After putting it down on paper we decided to keep to the original color scheme and just add some flare here and there, plus our own style of layering.



As always we want to stand by our motto of Proof of work, Proof Of Concept. We are aiming to open up a Crypto/Steem store and distribution center, but before that we want to showcase our skills and talents so everyone can know what to expect. Later next week we will reveal our road map.But for now enjoy real Steemit items made and inspired by real steemit communities.


Shout out to the whole #steemmonsters community and @aggroed and Team for bringing us such a great game!

Think about supporting and sponsoring today! Here are some ways you can help us move faster.

1.Up Vote
2.Re Steem
4.Delegate SP
5.Donate ( BTC ADDY ~ 3JEyhvZpDKKWgANczdY6cAW1R8pM1ozjYY )
6.Become a Investor/Share Holder

We also Do Custom Orders!


Crypto Crown Royal

A Crypto Christmas


Steemfest 2019



deranged You just received DERANGED @sirlunchthehost Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

sick bro, keep going, great job, cheers from venezuela brother.

Awesome work on this one guys!
Resteemed by @steemskate

I was gonna say @knowhow92 better be on this but it looks like he already is! That’s awesome, love it.

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