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RE: How I Cock Blocked My Way into the Finals

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great! at the moment I have liquidity to lease SP 9,500 - for that amount I will pay you weekly in advance Steem 23.321 (12.8%APR), from next saturday I will have the liquidity to lease the rest up to SP 30,000 if avaible, in that case the weekly amount will be Steem 73.644 - let me know if it ok with you and day and time when you prefer to close the deal thanks


I'm willing to start the 9,500 today. We should wait awhile before doing anymore, as I should hold onto some SP for myself.

ok, whenever you want you can delegate, ready to transfer the payment

ok, I can delegate now

I just delegated you an additional 9500. Enjoy and Steem on!

thank you! just sent payment

Please let me know if you would like to increase our current delegation at the same rate

yes I am interested, same rate as the previous delegation, for tomorrow I have enough cash for a delegation up to 29000 SP (+19500 SP increase) if you were thinking of a bigger amount I can manage the next week, if you increase the delegation tomorrow I will send transfer for the new amount

Thanks for your support.

Happy days.


Yes, let's increase it to 29000 SP

I just delegated you an additional 19,400 SP

in 2 days I will let expire 2 leasing for a total of 1000 SP on dlease, if you like you can increase your direct leasing at the same rate, let me know

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