@steemitqa There are different tournaments happening featuring different level cards. You can check them on
and also some on discord of SM.

Thanks @Khan.Dayyanz for the weblink to find the Tournaments.

Happy Holidays !!

Everyone can play, but the card levels that are allowed make it unlikely people with only level 1 cards will win. Anything is possible tho.

Aggored, is there blog on Steemit that explains what Steem monster is and how to get started for someone who is a total beginer?

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Best place would be their discord is my guess. You can go here .

Yep. Go to the site, everything you needto know is there

Oh thanks mate will check it out :)

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Thanks Aggy! Yes, I had a feeling that might be the case. Such a cool thing. I think someone had mentioned there might be a "live" stream of contests? I'd love to watch this stuff too.

Btw: Merry Christmas and looking forward to a happy 2019!