Haven't Played Steem Monsters Yet? Here's Everything You Need to Know to Play!

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Steem Monsters is sweeping the Steem Blockchain!

Battles officially began last Sunday, October 13th and it's been an amazing success.

We just hit 100K games played!!!

If you have yet to take part in this ground-breaking, addictive experience, this post will tell you everything you need to know to get started!

First, you need to get some cards!
You can purchase your Starter Set and get more Booster packs on the Steem Monsters Website.

Once you have some cards, you will click "Battle" on the top menu bar.
You can then choose "Practice" if you want to try the game out without being ranked.
You can also choose "How to play" for game instructions.

When you are ready to officially play, choose "Ranked".
You will then choose a Summoner and the Monsters that you want in your battle.
The cards that you choose will be determined by their card cost or "Mana".
The Rules of Combat and Mana Cap can change every few days and can be viewed at the top of the page when you select "Battle".
You can also view this information when choosing your team.

There are 6 Splinters you can choose from. Each Splinter has different sources of magic.

It's a good idea to understand the elements of the card data when forming your teams.
Every monster has their own specific stats and core attributes.

Now that you understand the basics of game play, it's time to have some fun!
See you on the Battlefield!!!

This has been a basic overview of the game.
If you have any questions, please join the Steem Monsters Discord.
We have a great community and would be more than happy to answer your questions!

Look out for daily rewards which will be coming soon.....

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info
Official Account: @steemmonsters
Website: https://steemmonsters.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/CAFJRjY


Wow this is crazy please i want to be among the innovators team please someone should volunteer to teach me please

Thanks so much.

I am trying to figure enough out to join and bring my son in.
You clarified a couple items here, but I dk if its EVERYTHING I need to know. I still have lots of questions. And I feel if I jumped in right now I would make some big mistakes.

Back to researching.


I have been enjoying this game greatly! Bright future!

Very cool! Steemmonsters has a bright future!

Hey @steemmonsters! Perhaps I have missed an announcement but I was under the impression cards would gain xp by playing them. It seems this is not the case so far, could you clarify this?

Also, could you comment on the use case of non-neutral beta cards, for players with significant alpha decks? To me they seem redundant at this point.

Thanks in advance now back to playing!

The game is pointless if you can't gain XP by playing.

Yeah without some sort of battle XP I don’t see myself playing this for now. I’ve spent a few nights playing the same small selection of people over and over again and either won or lost accordingly. I think I’ve pretty much hit my ranking cap give or take a hundred or two. I just don’t see the point of battling unless I throw more money in. Then if I do I’ll be at a slightly higher rank but then throwing more money in to get a better one.

That is exactly my experience, I have been trying to let other people know of this as well. Also, it's too limited skill with little interaction, but since it's in the development phase still I don't bash it so hard. However, these are serious concerns that need to be address. You can't advance beyond a certain point unless you spend more money.

The game is in early phase, and we can see huge hype around it + a reseller program, if they give XP for playing (as they promised in the kickstarter video), people would buy drastically less packs. Which would mean less money for the whales. On the top of that, big investors now are against leveling because that would make their cards value dump too. Serious concerns indeed.

Atm this isn't good for players because the only way to be at the top is maxing out tons of cards for ridiculous amount of money( thanks to the new conflicts changing the meta frequently). But if they buy the cards, they spend a lot more than what they can win by playing(potential bag holders). The game itself a grind, which is why people use scripts to play automatically, without even being close to the computer. If you don't, yet again, you have no chance because no way you can play more than a bot.

Still early of course, but not a good start at all. I have to add though, it's still possible to fix most of the problems in the future for sure. We'll see.

You’re absolutely correct about all of that but there in lines the same over arching problem with @steemit in general. It’s completely pay win. @steemit has the capability of destroying all the other social media platforms but it can’t because of the whales and all the send me money and I’ll send you upvotes. If you look at @steemmonsters wallet, they’re doing fine and if all the players who went out and bought hundreds of packs get mad about everyone leveling up their cards to be competitive then good luck finding any kind of new player base. It’ll be a game that only a small handful of whales play and when there’s such a small pool of people playing or caring about the game at that point card values will drop regardless.

Correct, there is no cards leveling so far and after reading through some of the discussions, I believe they will only allow very limited, slow leveling, if at all. Otherwise it would destroy the card economy.

Non-neutral Beta cards have no game relevance to big Alpha investors besides the potential investment return for selling/delegating them.

You are wrong. There is no logical reason why XP level up would destroy anything. You can even add a separate XP bar that works as an addon to the default. Is there any logical limit why this is not possible? It's not. ATM even call it a game is wrong. If you can't gain XP by play battles it is not a game. There is no incentive. You should get XP for playing like any sane game. Atm Steem Monsters is not a game.

How about bots that would level up cards just to sell them?

That will always happen. So what? We are moving into an Age of Abundance. We work side by side with Bots these days.

So what? You ignorant twat. That would greatly reduce the cost of each card, causing widespread fud which could quite possibly kill the game.

@runicar That's why it was a bad decision to fomo people into the game creating an insane bubble in the card prices for the sake of some quick profits. It's not sustainable at all in the long term. And now the big investors(I guess you too) are afraid of developments that would actually make the game playable.

Card price corrections will happen. Big ones. Creating a deck that you can be successful with for hundreds or even thousands of $ seems sustainable to you? :D:D

This is either a game, a real one, or another Crypto Kitties bubble faked as a game with a short lifespan.

First thing you do when you get a comment response is throw around insults? 5 year old maturity

I wasn't even insulting you. Just pointing out your ignorance about something that's obviously upsetting you.

Definitely, we need some sort of way to level up cards without having to buy them. I also agree bots could be an issue though.

It's not a game if you can't gain XP without buy. Pay to play

They said XP could be earned in ranked tournaments.

That's not a bad idea. That way we could have a few selected cards that we would be able to level up directly without paying, but still won't allow bots to max level cards by playing all day long.

This is a question I was wondering about as well otherwise you will just have to keep spending money to do anything in the game. Pumping hundreds of dollars into it to win battles isn't sustainable in the long run, for me anyway.

I would expect the possibility of upgrading cards through their use to make it more accessible. Even if it is only 1xp per win that gives people more incentive to play and build stronger decks to win and to increase card value.

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Very cool! I am excited to keep creating more and more videos about Steem Monsters!

Wish I knew how positions worked a few days ago... Thanx for the great post, it will certainly help a lot of Steem Monster addicts :D

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I've played and it's pretty good, I was actually a bit impressed.

Still I think you guys should give away hourly packs or something to encourage people to play.. It could just be random once an hour to those battling. :)

Anyway, nice job on the game, looking forward to seeing prizes, points, or some type of reward for playing.

I Like that Idea @whatsup

That would be a good idea. I could totally see a lot more people playing (especially at non-peak times) if each battle = one raffle to an hourly giveaway. I know that I would definitely do that at least, even with a low chance of winning it.

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I have no extra money to play this game.
No option to play for free?

Chance for quests gaining xp? @steemmonsters

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Nope, you won't be able to play without buying a $10 Starter Pack.

So sad...

Why is there an exclamation point next to a card that I leveled up? It shows as a level 3 in my collection but only plays as a 2.

It's because your summoner is too low level to play the level 3 version of the card. So level up your summoner to play it.

Bu ilgimi çekti. Denemek isterim

Remarkable result in 100k. I am sure that by the end of the month it will at least double :) Thanks for creating STEEMONSTERS !!!

What happen to my cards mostly I am defeated.

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The concept looks interesting. But I kinda don't dig the design Art. It looks so ... idk boring :D

Is SteemMonsters going to Start a Rehab Clinic so I can Get Clean Again ??

My Name is @stokjockey and I'm an Addict........

Let's rumble and begin the battles now!

Hmmm..it's an interesting game. I might try this one out later..

wow! looks fun. i wanna try. thanks for this :)

I haven't played or bought cards year but i plan to! Need to learn how to play...

The best way to learn to play Steemmonsters is by trying out different cards, looking at the decks of good players, and just testing it out yourself ;)

my son would love this kind of game. thanks.

Acctually i missed the announcement

Great game. Thanks for creating!

Hi, @steemmonsters!

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Whao..this is awesome..will try to practice too before been ranked...

What are the benefits of this game?

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Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

Great! Time to play!! I’ve been holding cards for a while - just didn’t realize the gaming had started up! Sweet!!

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caution: highly addictive game
bring it on steem monsters!

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El juego esta en beta pero igual me parece divertido

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Check out the Video Here: https://steemit.com/news/@reseller/6wsyl0gu

It would great to also plan battles thinking in European users. At 3am I am sleeping.

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I'm wondering about leagues as well since anytime I win a few games I get pushed into competition far out of my league where I cannot compete without a huge investment in the game. I have put in money but can't keep spending to win games.

@steemmonsters will there be a future where we have competitive leagues for all levels of player with the chance to compete and win prizes or just the elite decks? I know that there are technically levels at the moment but they cover a large amount of players and based off points you can play people in much higher leagues.

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this is cool! let the games begin! :p