Kickstarter Update: Physical Promo Cards Unlocked!

In case you weren't paying attention the Splinterlands team has sold out of Beta Edition Booster packs. Our Marketcap then blasted off to over $4,000,000.00!!!


So, we had to bring in a new set. Like we've done previously we wanted to get some outside exposure to a non-crypto audience with this too so we opened up a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding campaign where project owners set a fund raising goal and people pledge at different tiers to receive different loot. Usually when goals are met and exceeded there are stretch goals that contributors unlock.

The Splinterlands team started with four stretch goals for the campaign. All of them have already been unlocked and we're already ahead of every crowd fund that we've done to date. Oh, and the Kickstarter is only 3 days old!!!!!!!!

What just got unlocked?

Players can get physically printed cards. We were originally just going to print all the cards that were published in the alpha edition (in their beta frames). But then players unlocked Neutrals, then the legendary summoners, then the Rewards Cards, and now finally the Promos!!!

You guys got it all. There's more than 100 physical cards that will go out to every player. Also, the way this works there's no price increase. Simply because the campaign is going well we can do more!! So, congrats to everyone that's participating. The deal you're getting keeps getting better and better.

More on that soon a la Chain Golems...


very nice

Are the physical cards something that you can just be proud of owning, or do these give something in the digital world also ?

Backers will get an achievement when the achievement system is rolled out. Effect not yet disclosed.


Please, explain in step-by-step the sentence "Players can get physically printed cards".
pledge at the $200 level or higher
We will ship packs, and other physical products which include physically printed cards.

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