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This is just a quick update post to let everyone know about some changes with how the promo codes for free Starter Sets will work in the game. Effective immediately, Starter Sets obtained via a promo code will no longer give the player any actual cards. Instead, the 30 starter set cards will always be available to any player who has purchased or otherwise obtained a Starter Set in both their collection and in battles.

This means that after a player redeems a Starter Set promo code, they will see the 30 cards in their collection like normal, however the cards will not have a unique ID or be able to be transferred, combined, burnt, etc.

If a real version of any of the Starter Pack cards is obtained, then it will simply replace the starter set version in the player's collection. Similarly if any player gets rid of all of any of the Starter Set cards in their collection, they will still have access to the Starter Set version of the card in their collection and in battles.

This change will ONLY apply to free Starter Sets obtained via a promo code, it will not apply to purchased Starter Sets or the START TRC-10 tokens from the Seed Germinator crowdfunding campaign. Those will continue to provide the 30 real cards as they have done in the past.

The reasoning behind this change is to stop the growing amount of abuse that is occurring with people trying to get as many promo codes for a free starter set as possible and then immediately transferring / selling the cards.

The promo codes are an important marketing tool for us and this change will allow us to continue to provide them for promotional events without worrying as much about abuse and negative consequences for the player community as a result.

For the moment, the price of the Starter Set will remain at $10 USD, however we are always looking into other ways to allow us to reduce the price of entry to the game while also curbing abuse in the future.

This change shouldn't affect any of our current players who already have a Starter Set directly in any way, but ultimately we hope that by removing this avenue of abuse it will allow us to increase our promotional efforts which should benefit the entire Splinterlands community in the long run.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Thanks a lot for the update. I opened my account and I was surprised to see my collection jump up in numbers! This explains it, I guess. I have way more cards now!! :D <3

This is a very well-done change, especially from the perspective of someone who's holding a ton of the Tron starters and having a hard time moving them. (Anyone seeing this is welcome to message me on Discord to buy a starter pack for $6.)

However, there's one more issue along with the free cards that might be worth addressing or might be too much trouble, it's hard to know from the outside. That issue is that free starter packs have made it very hard for affiliates to acquire new players. Would it be possible to change affiliate tagging from first login to first purchase? Or maybe there's some other solution that fits your goals better.

I agree that those free starter sets hurt us affiliates that don't have an abundance of them to give out. However changing the affiliate tag to first purchase opens up another can of worms. I have had sign ups that went weeks, possibly months before making their starter set purchase. I also currently have just as many non active sign ups as I do active. It would suck to lose them to another affiliate because they clicked someone else's link after mine and made their first SM/SP purchase.

Perhaps giving affiliates that are actively signing up new players X free starter codes would be a nice way to both help affiliates and the game itself.

Yeah, I'm not devoted to that solution, it's just the first one I thought of.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder if it makes sense to just give everybody who logs in one of these and do away with the promo codes. (Or have a separate category of promo codes for conventions and things that do include some free cards.) Then first login would allow the player to start the game and it would be easier for us to get signups, while of course a signup still isn't worth anything until/unless they buy packs.

That exact thought crossed my mind when reading the OP as well. I see a mixture of pros and cons with making such a change. The main con being people mass freerolling multiple decks/accounts. I think it would certainly give us an influx of new players in which at least a small percentage will likely stick around.

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great change. This will prevent potential promo code abuse.

Dont know how I feel about this. Liked the promo idea butnow feel like you are forced to buy in. Just my view. Thanks

How exactly does this change the fact that IF you want to compete and not grind 24/7 for 5 years to be able to play in diamond, you'll eventually invest into pack/cards from the market anyways.

Now even more people could potentially try out the game, rather than inflating the card prices for everyone else with people that get theit now 5$ worth of cards and never login again after playing and losing. With this atleast people now join, and can see if they like it or not, without ruining the economy.

Just my thoughts :)

Valid points still think the promo idea helps more than it hurts. You still end up with people never doing anything with their cards eventually and the same situation. This may increase traffic though who knows. Appreciate the good response.

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Interesting update from there.


Just found out about this after asking in discord how I suddenly had a Beta starter set in my collection that could not be burned or sold , lol!! Glad To know now whats going on , thanks so much for the update @steemmonsters !!
Upped and resteemed to help spread the word!

I love the new change... I think having the cards at 0 level is great and will enable you to let people play and learn about the cards and then they can decide to purchase if they like the game. Great job team SPT!

The game seems so mich fun I have just not yet figured out how to really play it for a beginner its a bit complicated:) but I will keep up :)

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Okay, but is there a way to HIDE specific cards from showing in on our "cards" page. I am QUITE severely OCD, and always strive to keep my "cards" page filled with ONLY those cards I am USING. I have been selling the others. Can you PLEASE just let those of use who now see these "unsold" card sell them off one final time, or turn them into DEC, because we didn't have a vote on this. please consider this. I know it sounds TRITE, but it is really bugging me. Thanks.

Great decision! Much needed!

Is there a way to get one of these promo codes? I'd love to give steemmonsters a try and maybe get suckered into buying some card packs if I enjoy it ,but can't get myself to spend 25 Steem just to try it out.

Hi there!! Contact me in Telegram (or Discord @clove71 when it is back up) and I will give you one! I am always looking for new players to the game! Actually you should join the Telegram as there is a contest going on right now for joining the Splinterlands Telegram!

Discord is back up! I sent you a code in Telegram!

Wow Thanks ! I'll contact you on Discord today

Hi, @steemmonsters!

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Any specifics on the way to get the promo links? Want to try out the game but not sure all the math of it will make sense to me...

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Hi there! I will send you one to start playing now! I could not find you in Discord or Telegram, but here are the links- contact me there on either one for a code! :-) or Discord

I have a hard time to understand what this is as bout, I assume a way to stop scam.

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Yes it is- there were so many scamming by getting codes over and over and selling them,etc. not actually playing so that is now fixed! :-)

That's a great idea!

Great solution. What I am glad that in time began his career @splinterlands.

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You have all the hashtags! NICE!!!!! I am glad you are here early too!

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