STEEM MONSTERS $1,000 Game Jam Invitational!!! In collaboration with @utopian-io, @steemgg, and @blocktrades!

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Things are progressing right along. We know you want to play Steem Monsters. We're doing all the stuff we can to make a great game experience for you. You should be seeing our first pass at stats and written rules later this month. You should be fighting each other in September!

Steem Monsters Game Jam

In the meantime while we wait we want to build some additional Steem Monsters themed games. So, we're hosting a Game Jam.

A Game Jam is where developers have a short period of time to work alone or in teams. In this case, the goal is to build a Steem Monsters themed game. It could be a rip of Candy Crush. It could be a rip of Poker. It could be a rip of Final Fantasy tactics or even something like a Steem Monsters Tetris. RPGs like Final Fantasy IV or Ultima I are old school awesome too!

The idea is to take a week and make a fun game or novellas. Any platform works- game maker, godot, unity, unreal, rpgmaker... whatever. Whatever game looks prettiest, sticks with the monster theme, and is the most fun to play will win a LEGENDARY GOLD FOIL! Second and Third Place will get 200 and 100 sbd respectively.



I'm excited to have the support of @elear and the @utopian-io community. Utopian-io is a group on Steem that helps foster, financially support, and grow the open source community. They have pledged to support open source games developed during this game jam.

Once open source games have been developed and put out for the community they'll be judged by the Utopian-io community and votes will be placed on posts detailing the games that were created. Opensource developers could find themselves winning $100-200 upvotes for these contributions as part of the development tag or a custom game development tag for this game jam.

👉👉You can find submission guidelines here-

Join their Discord community and get help from Moderators and Community Managers. UTOPIAN-IO DISCORD CHANNEL:

👀Posts submitted for review will need the utopian-io, development, and steemmonsters tags.

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In addition, HTML5 games participating in this Game Jam can have an additional chance of winning extra prizes by uploading their game on Steemgg. Steemgg is the newest HTML5 gaming distribution platform based on STEEM. To support the Steem Monster Game Jam, and to encourage more HTML5 game developers using the STEEM blockchain, Steemgg is offering an additional 500 SBD in total prizes for the top participating games that are uploaded onto Steemgg.

👉👉More information about Steemgg submission guidelines can be found here -

Need help submitting your game? Contact them in their STEEMGG DISCORD CHANNEL:

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They've been kind enough to offer vote support to some of the posts and games made during the Jam. It's not completely defined, but we're happy to have their support and eyes on this.

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Why a Game Jam?🤔

We've been proving that blockchains and games are a great mix. We earned 200k in 2 months. That's insane. You guys are insane!!! You love games and want to see this place grow. So we are going to sponsor the action to get game makers over here! Let's see what we come up with. 😀

To be clear this is good for the Steem Ecosystem. If we can get a ton of games and gamers on the platform then we can start getting a gaming economy on the block! That would be fantastic for the price of Steem if everyone and their guildmates came over to this platform to play their favorite games, earn loot, and trade it for real value in Steem!

More than the prize money

If you create something awesome, and win, or get some audience love, we're gonna help you make a commercial go of it! Or we'll take it off your hands and send you royalties. 😍 We'll figure out a deal that works. With some hard work and talent, you'll become a business partner with the most successful blockchain game on Steem. That's a good start!


"Where can I find out more?"
Glad you asked!
👉Check out 👉

It starts in about 2 weeks. So you have time to get your peeps together!

That's where we are hosting the game jam with hopes that crypto centric and non-crypto game devs will see it and join in!

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  • STEEMONSTERS is hosting a GAME JAM at
  • PRIZE POOL is at least $1000 with possible upvotes, in addition
  • A GAME JAM is a short period of time where developers create a game.
  • Ideally this will be a WEEK LONG CONTEST (for more info visit the '' link above)
  • FIRST PLACE wins a Legendary Gold Foil!
  • SECOND PLACE wins 200 SBD
  • THIRD PLACE wins 100 SBD
  • UTOPIAN-IO has pledged to support open source games during this Jam. Find out to get those upvotes above!
  • STEEMGG is offering an additional 500 SBD in prizes to HTML5 games uploaded to Steemgg.
  • BLOCKTRADES is also offering upvote support for some posts and games made during the Jam.
  • STEEMMONSTERS has already brought in 200K in only 2 months! Blockchains and games are a great mix.
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Text dividers created and shared by @calumam. Check him out for lots of graphics!
Got questions? We've got answers.
Find us in DISCORD:


wow thats awesome

Everybody just so excited for the upcoming tournament 🤗

Yea same here, im gonna go for HTML5 games, i have one under construction

Looks very cool. Love how the market is getting rekt right now and steem's community is still vibrant

the market is getting werecked?

Looking forward to seeing the game jam in action best of luck to all steemmonsters ideas off to get a pack

Sounds like a lot of fun. Would be any room for artists in these teams?

Sounds like a lot of
Fun. Would be any room for
Artists in these teams?

                 - marinaart

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excellent idea, I'm looking forward to seeing what people can come up with! :)

This is like one of the best games to date. I like that they are actually tradable tokens and there is a market to turnnsome coon on open packs fir dare I say it... more packs.
@chibera is another game that will bring attention to dapps built on STEEM.

Sidebar: Is it okay if I use @steemmonsters content separators in my blog? I love the design and they feature some of the cards I own.

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Awesome! I reposted it on my personal twitter:
Keep up the good work!

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Really good idea!!!

This is an amazing opportunity. Too bad I am not a coder. I hope you find some talented individuals to participate and shine.

Hello @steemmonsters very interesting, uffff...if I would be able to wright game!

That is a great initiative to be honest.Love the idea, I am a coder myself hope to get into it soon :D @steemmonster but I need a boost to code for this game :p

I find it very interesting, I will definitely join!

Muy buena informacion para alguien nueva como yo, eso me motiva mucho

a game based on crypto, ineresting

Wow this is great, cant wait to play this game

lovely, I wish I can start programming, like right now!!!

Awesome trick. People play game and win SBD. due to this they have double advantage that by playing game they get amusement and SBD.

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I don't like games but I think this is worth a trial...

Wow... This is some cool initiative.... Wish I had an IT background and could encode few games... Never the less waiting for the exciting games.. Kudos

You guys doing such as a good job !

nice but i dont now how to do that hahaha

Your article is very good, my game is very fun.

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This is awesome, I can imagine some great things coming out of this.

This is awesome, I
Can imagine some great things
Coming out of this.

                 - gamefiles

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Excellent blog.keep it up..

That's great...but I think you should change the jam to game changer...,, that joke...
Keep it up.. for amazing idea..

very good posts. keep on being big sir

Fantastic, well done.

looking forward for this, its a good idea...

I'm looking this idea. some people can't start business for no great idea.

Wow cant wait for it to arrive

I already have games to upload on SteemGG, but creating a Steem Monsters themed game seems a good idea to try.

Also, I really love how you put the jam info on!! That's an amazing idea because many users are jammers who'll read every jam rules (hence will learn about steemit.)

That's @aggroed's idea. Look forward to seeing your game in the Jam!

Is it a fake offer to get revenue from steemer's or something that really work ???

loved to know about the games and monster gaming

Great idea...

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It’s so exciting! I can’t wait to play!

Nice idea

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This is awesome. Cant wait for the release of the games. I will try out all the games.

that's really great

nice idea !

Great, exciting idea!

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great idea

Great initiative! 👏👏👏👏👏

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This has got to be the coolest contest I've seen, like ever. Good luck everyone! Can't wait to play your games.

Good job guys I am planing to buy my cards soon at least some more.

Can I play games on my android phone? I am not a tech guy

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very interesting

Very Nice steemit is also a good place for publishing your post and Steemit give you paid for

Man I am looking forward to the tournaments quite eagerly!! Dont play any games at the moment, but would love the chance to drop into a game or tournament in between blogging and music production :) Especially more interesting since it is reward based, where most games just felt too much like a waste of time to invest into it, since there was no return other than the enjoyment.

Then I rather do sports and get something for my health than play a game online :)

So for me this project is one I have my eyes on impatiently :P Already got myself a few boosters :)

Lets play some game !

wow sir best guiding post sir, amazing post thanks for the info, looks very cool. im gonna go for HTML5 games, i have one under construction

muy buen trabajo,di mi voto,espero su visita y apoyo que necesito mucho,saludos desde margarita venezuela,un abrazo

How does this idiot do to have so many votes?

Insane is an understatement. Things look like they're only getting wilder. Looking forward to september!

This is a nice game.

it would be good to develop a game that fulfills the functions of steem while you play and develop missions using the block chain and generate steem or sbd would be a great idea

This looks really good. Yaygo! Games is def gonna get involved. Heading over to the website now! Thanks guys!

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@steemmonsters That's great Guys, I hope I can create something in the given time :))

Mucha bendiciones y exito en su proyecto. amigo

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This is great creativity

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Thank you in advance!

Wow, that's a really awesome idea! Alas, I am not any kind of coder or developer, but I certainly hope some creative things come out of this. In the meantime, I shall just continue as a "collector."


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waoooo nice game

Very nice dear brother my friend

I think it's a good idea for users, they should also make the application visually appealing to potential users and customers, but also useful and simple if you do not want it to be a mere download from markets and stores and not really used in day to day

very good article, A Game Jam is where developers have a short period of time to work alone.

Good I wish I knew how to program games

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so excited for the upcoming tournament