The @berniesanders Steem Monsters Invitational - 2500 Steem Tournament!

It is our pleasure to announce the @berniesanders Invitational!

Bernie has decided to sponsor a 2500 Steem Tournament for New Years!

The game will be hosted New Years Eve.

To register for the tournament please go here:

It will be hosted in the Steem Monsters Discord Room December 31 at Noon EST (1700 UTC)

The tournament will feature standard foil cards at the gold level limits.

There is no entry fee! It's a freeroll for the people!

Thousands in prizes from Dec 21 to Jan 5!

~1000 SBD from @steemmonsters in assorted tournaments around the world!

But you have to own Steem Monsters cards to get access!

Tournaments and Sponsors

If you'd like to host a tournament and want help please message aggroed in the Steem Monsters Discord.

If you'd like exposure other than a tournament please message aggroed and we'll see what can be arranged.

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info:


Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord


The earlier you sign up the more likely it is you have a first round bye

I can chip in 150 steem, let me know where to send it.

Can you contact me in Discord?

Ha, you said that last time and got matched with Marabara .lol

Who won?

Signed up and resteemed.

See you guys on the battlefield!

What exactly is meant by standard foil cards at the gold level limits?

You don't have to use gold foil cards. Just the normal cards work.

I wish I had enough cards to compete!!

LOVE "The BERN" ;-)

Dood's got Bawls, ain't afraid to show them LOL

Sounds like fun I'll see you in the tournies :)

This sounds great , I am now all signed up @steemmonsters ! Upped and resteemed to spread the word!
Go Brenie! Go Bernie! @berniesanders 💁💕👍

I have entered

Good luck to everyone :D

@steemmonsters Why can't I log in to my account...keeps telling me my pasword is wrong????

I'm assuming only certain level people can register for this?

@steemitqa There are different tournaments happening featuring different level cards. You can check them on
and also some on discord of SM.

Thanks @Khan.Dayyanz for the weblink to find the Tournaments.

Happy Holidays !!

Everyone can play, but the card levels that are allowed make it unlikely people with only level 1 cards will win. Anything is possible tho.

Aggored, is there blog on Steemit that explains what Steem monster is and how to get started for someone who is a total beginer?

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Best place would be their discord is my guess. You can go here .

Yep. Go to the site, everything you needto know is there

Oh thanks mate will check it out :)

Posted using Partiko Android --> battle ---> how play

Thanks Aggy! Yes, I had a feeling that might be the case. Such a cool thing. I think someone had mentioned there might be a "live" stream of contests? I'd love to watch this stuff too.

Btw: Merry Christmas and looking forward to a happy 2019!

Thanks @berniesanders. To me this proves that you care deeply about Steem's future. Voting @nextgencrypto for witness.

Any one else having trouble with the SM discord link?

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Great to see another major event. The only concern is that it's 2am in korean time.. not sure whether I can stay up that late

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Yeah, we try to rotate times the best we can.

Wicked prizes I'm in.

Feel the burn with @berniesanders generous bulk steem

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What is the criteria to be eligible for an invite? Do you have to be in a certain league tier?

These are very generous holidays gifts for everyone to enjoy. Thank you SM and all the sponsors. Happy holidays to all. Let’s end this year’s with a bang and ride the STEEM boat onward and upward next year.

i really Love with learning through games! Thank you! Looking forward to understanding what happens next after the teams are established. :-

Wow ..... very very perfect!!!!

Niezla pula!

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Amazing contests 😊

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I wish you hopeful and warm things in the upcoming New Year.

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