Under 50,000 Packs Remaining!!!


Ok guys, this is it! We're getting down to the wire. We started with 300,000 alphas and we sold out of those. The last 56k packs of alphas sold out in 3 days. The final day had 26k packs sold.

We started with 900,000 betas and we're about to sell out of these too!

We have the last 50k 47k up for sale and then literally every single alpha and beta card won't ever get reprinted. Poof... like a ghost. The only place people will be able to get them will be the owners on the market! Over time they'll be fewer and fewer of these cards too as people combine them, dust them, or simply lose their keys.

Initially the cards are inflationary because we sell packs, and deflationary because of the combining mechanic to level. After cards packs are no longer available they stop being inflationary and become solely deflationary. They aren't just deflationary though, they are hyperdeflationary because rather than staying constant in supply they decrease over time. What do you think a decreasing supply will do as we add more players?

Splinterlands Card Marketcap, presented without comment


Altcoin Marketcap, presented without comment


Presented together without comment


All Time High Player Base!!!

We keep a close eye on marketcap, and also keep a close eye on the number of players! We see peak activity at the end of seasons. We hit a new milestone at the end of this last season. We had a new all time high for number of accounts playing!


2,860! Ask yourself... does that seem like a lot of gamers or just a few gamers? Does this game have room for expansion? Are there new markets and new players to sell cards to or has it reached max potential?

It's not just the players though. We have more accounts trading the cards the cards than ever! We just recorded our highest total accounts interacting with the game EVER!


3,506 accounts are buying selling, trading, and playing!

Right, but who cares about accounts, those can be faked, what about volume?


Yep... Just logged in the most steem volume ever recorded in a month for us too. And don't just give me some "Steem is cheap" line. That helps as much as it hurts too (more volume of steem but reduced sales).

Splinterlands is killing it!

We're in a protracted bear market for alt coins that's eaten the 90%+ marketcap of nearly all of the altcoins. This makes the great depression look like a little punk. We're growing during this time! When the market turns around what do you think will happen to this game and to these cards? Act accordingly, get some cards, play some games, earn some loot, and DON'T MISS THE BUS!!!


Wow, I wasnt looking at this chart long time and was surprised :)

Between last 30 days i bought over 7000 Beta packs and for me it's really profitable , on my last 300 pack opening i got 3 gfl. Going to buy more.. Thanks @steemmonsters for give us opportunity to play and earn at the same time. I am inviting everyone to visit my blog to checkout my opening. Thanks

!neoxag 50

Sweeeet. But save some for the rest of us. 😂🤣

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It’s like drugs.

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Hoooo ??? You are on topten pack buyer list And you still need moar? :D :D :D

You always need more packs!!

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Seventhou.... WHAT?! 😱

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Fomo is here!!!! Yessss!!!!

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greetings, @steemmonsters

Its running out to fast!!! I will buy more tomorrow!!!!!

I stocked 300 beta booster packs, and I'm waiting now for the new waive!

or simply lose their keys

You are mean :P

Splinterlands is killing it. Keep up the great work team and looking forward to the next 10 years of playing Splinterlands at least!

Heading over their today to buy some packs after I pay off my 2019 Steem Silver Round!

I can feel the FOMO :D

Last time I checked there were over 70k packs left, and I check pretty frequently :D

what are the plans after beta cards? Will there be another lineup?

This looks so cool. I need that in high resolution - NOW!


I agree @flauwy I am ready to see what monsters we get next!!! :D

I bet market sale volume will exceed 500k STEEM this month.

Finger crossed

Act accordingly, get some cards, play some games, earn some loot, and DON'T MISS THE BUS!!!

really waiting for the mobile app so I can take the bus again... am staying home till then :-)


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I am trying very hard to get my friends & family members into this game. Sky is the limit in my OP :)

Play Splinterlands

If you have more time than money check out Herons players service where card owners let others players play there cards and split the earnings.


If you have more money than time you should still talk to herons and tcpolymath about it

What will be next? Gamma packs? Can't wait for those!

Untamed Packs

What happens when there are no more beta packs?

New "gamma" cards?

Their will be untamed Packs released

I said the same thing!

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I'm already on the bus ))

Can't wait to max out the next deck!!! Lets goooo lol

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