$4000 paid out so far, $6000 to be paid out in the next two weeks!

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It's fun to watch just how much money has been awarded to players keep rising. We just surpassed the $4,000 mark! in the next two weeks, we'll pass the $10,000 mark.

Do you even Steem Monsters Brah?



Before the end of March, we're highly likely to have:

Delegation working on the main site. You'll be able to purchase cards from packs or off the market and then rent them to others. Will you set up a whole deck and rent out a team for someone to play? Will you rent out gold cards? Are you looking to get into the game inexpensively but still play at a high level? This will be your chance!!!

V1 is already live on the test server. Shouldn't be long until it's ready to go.

Oh, and we're looking to turn the outstanding alpha and beta packs into tokens that you can trade on https://Steem-engine.com. So, no more trying to haggle in the Discord. Simply post your packs for sale. Seems pretty easy right? Get cards with a credit card and if you end up with extra simply trade them on the market that operates 24/7!



We're still designing DEC, but we think it's gonna be huge! You know what helped make Steemit into one of the most used apps in the entire crypto sphere? A reward pool. You know what we're building for Steem Monsters? No, not a kitten playpen... a REWARD POOL. Imagine getting rewarded for your wins. Spend it on cards, votes, skins, and sweet sweet bonus loots! We're looking to have this by the end of April so stay tuned (roadmap, not a guarantee)!


So, how's all this affecting the market price of cards?

Well, it's funny that question gets asked. We were just gazing at this chart lovingly today showing how the market has regained ~$95,000 in the first two weeks since tournaments were released. Hmmm, I wonder how it's going to keep going when the amount of prizes awarded is doubled by next week, delegation is added and a whole host of passively earning card hodlers and actively playing card sharks enter the ecosystem. Then trading packs become easier and lastly, we'll get a separate reward pool just for Steem Monsters. I wonder what will happen to this chart over the next two months.... what do you think will happen?

This is what's currently happening in the middle of the longest bear market in the history of bitcoin... I wonder what will happen when the bull market comes back into full swing... Will you be along for the ride earning that sweet sweet prize money along the way? Or will you be watching everyone else from the sideline with a sad clown face?



Thank you for your continued support!

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Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord


Steemmonsters got some exciting features on the roadmap.
I'm very keen on the DEC thing, but I still wonder how the price dynamics between DEC / Steem and card prices will be.
Since, DEC probably will be a trade pair against Steem. Do you have any plans to incentives the buying of DEC with Steem for outside investors?
Probably they would get a inflation reward same like Steem does with Steem Power?
What I'm worried about is that you can earn "DEC" by playing SM and sell it for Steem, but on the other hand there should be also an incentive for buying DEC with Steem...any thoughts on that?


I have won money a few times, I love Steem Monsters Tournaments!!!
Flesh Golem (853px, 5fps).gif

Exciting times! 🤘😝

I hope you increase amount of people rewarded (even with small amount) especially for novice/bronze because they are haunted with high level players with all cards. That would be healthy for economy because weaker players would buy more cards with this rewards.


I think SM has a decent pay structure in some games. I seen / see some that paid top 12 / 16 and I think they need to stick to that model for smaller/mid level prize pools but I think the bigger paying games need to ...

(1) Pay more places.
(2) be reduced in prizes slightly and the extra funds used to create more tournaments at random levels. Currently (with a quick view of the lobby) it looks like one Diamond/Gold level big game is worth about the same of the rest of the game included in a weeks schedule.

$1000 of those prizes is unlikely to go ahead at this stage, with zero entries into my "win a max splinter" tournament. Is 50 steem too much for the chance to win a max level splinter for finishing in the top six?

With 64 players required to start that tournament, about 9% of the field walk away with a max splinter (1 for each player finishing in the top 6)

We shall see, but it looks like I may be canceling that tournament due to lack of interest.

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I don't think 50 is too much at all. I think the real issue here is we simply don't have enough high roller players yet. A satellite system where players can earn their way to big games would help with getting such games running. For example a Sat. game that cost 10 Steem to enter would have 1 in every 5 players winning a ticket to your Max Splinter game. One could even have satellites to satellites (would have to be automatic or would be a ton of work for the host).

I'll think about other ways to make it work, and the Satellite format might be the best bet. Maybe, on the other hand I'll just give up on the idea of being a tournament sponsor, it certainly seems the easiest way out with my increasing time commitments on other things.

I don't want that to be the outcome, though.

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Most fee based tournaments don't fill up until 30 min before they start. I think people are wary of spending 50 steem without knowing for sure they will be sitting at their computer.

Death element is certainly the best. I wonder what is the cost of Crypt Mancer level 4.

Crypt Mancer_gold.png

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Awesome stuff, now I just need to figure out a way to win a tournament :P

Awesome update @steemmonsters !
any idea when or if we will ever be able to see the Summoners during battle on our Chromebooks and cell phones!? All I see is 2 black squares! I have been mentioning it since Steem Monsters began but I have gotten no answers, It sure would make the game play more enjoyable and easier o see what and how my opponent is using to beat me!
Would appreciate a response from @yabapmatt who I all ready mentioned this in Tec Support with no answers a couple weeks ago.Thanks!👹😎👹👿
Screenshot 2019-03-02 at 12.45.11 PM.png

Gradually we’re eradicating poverty and hunger, giving life to dry bones!

Thanks @steemmonsters for providing this wonderful opportunity through gaming on #Steem blockchain.

#The far we go, the better it becomes!

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Great update!
I hope that we will have at least dozen of tournaments daily... Maybe lower level players will get a chance to win some... ;)
The real success would be 2-3 tournaments in the same time... That's what we have to aim... :)

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